Saturday, October 3, 2009

What? A Pumpkin Shortage?

Yes, you heard me right! There is a canned pumpkin shortage in the stores up here!

This past week I sent my hubby to the store for some canned pumpkin.(my garden only gave me 2 small ones so far and I can't remember what one was the sugar pumpkin?) My hubby even got the store manager and was told there was a shortage at all the store chains!

Tis the season for pumpkins right? So why the shortage?

Last week I bought a cute dish towel with a
Pumpkin Scone Recipe on it.
(I will be giving one away soon! So keep checking back)

I wanted to make the scone recipe that was on my new towel!

A several days later I was at the store to pick up a few things and tried to find some canned pumpkin to no avail! Hubby was not joking when he said canned pumpkin shortage!
So I made a decision.....I would roast and can my own pumpkin!

I was going to take back my FREEDOM!

There were boat loads of small sugar pumpkins over in the produce section meant for baking pies and such! They were grown locally a few towns over!

The guy working in the produce section said, the stores might have sold out of last years stock and the factories have not processed this years crops? But who know? Do you?

The bottom of the pumpkin had a sticker with the "how to" instructions for roasting them up!

Pumpkin Puree Tutorial:

1.Cut pumpkins in 1/2 and seed.

2. Place cut side down on a lined cookie sheet and bake @350 for about 1 1/2 hrs! Its done when its fork tender!
3. Let cool for about 20 min. or so! Then scrape the pumpkin meat out of the skins in to a bowl! If your pumpkin flesh is wet or soupy it will need to be strained or run through a mill. (I just pored the liquid off mine)

5. Put pumpkin in freezer safe containers....I just used my wide mouth jars! I ended up with 4 pint jars plus 2 cups I left aside to make a double batch of pumpkin scones!

My scones turned out a bit heavy.....but I think it was because my towel recipe did not say to add baking soda and/or powder! I think next time I will go ahead and add some.....that should make them lighter and rise a bit!
Also I added some ingredients to the pumpkin puree that I used for the scones....pie spice,cinnamon,salt and 3 teaspoons brown sugar. (store bought canned pumpkin has similar things in it)

Happy pumpkin season to all~

There is no shortage @ my house!




  1. Great problem solving! :D
    For breads, you can also just peel and grate the pumpkins instead of baking them. Then just freeze the grated pumpkin in ziplock bags in 1 or 2 C. increments.

  2. Great idea for quick breads but when making pies there would be to much water, making the baked goods runny.

    Thanks for stoppin by....and keep watching for my Pumpkin Scone Recipe towel giveaway!


  3. That is great problem solving there and probably will be even better than the canned anyway. Found your blog through a friends blog.

  4. I've actually never had a pumpkin pie I liked. I must be weird... Lol! Everyone likes pumpkin pie except me. I don't know why I like pumpkin bread but not the pie. Maybe my tastebuds are defective.

  5. Mmmm pumpkin is so yummy! We had a bumper crop last year so I froze a lot! I make breads/muffins with mine. Scones sound wonderful! Looking forward to the recipe!


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