Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Beyond The Cosmos~

Just beyond the cosmos (the tall purple flowers).....we made a fort!

Yes, we did! We laid out a blanket on the garden floor and made our "classroom" for our daily home school lessons!

Our beloved garden has fed our family for the past 6 months and has be a source of great JOY for us!

As the days get shorter and air gets colder, I am reminded that we will soon be staying indoors most of the time!

I wanted to spend one of the last few remaining halfway decent days out in the garden!

So I came up with my idea for perfect place to do our afternoon lessons!

I just had Olivia (2 on Oct.4) and Noah (7) home yesterday afternoon. So I grabbed a blanket,science workbook,a toy clock and a box of rhyming tiles! I then told the kiddos to follow me!

My kiddos were help set out the blanket on the garden floor!
Noah was eager to flip though his book and pick what he wanted to study! He chose spiders and sharks! We read and talked about the pencil needed! We then practiced telling time with the toy clock and played a bit with the rhyming tiles! Olivia loved to play with them too!

We spent about an hour out there in our garden fort nestled under our towering sunflowers and cosmos! The sun began to fade a bit and it started to get a tad chilly. We decided to go inside to grab some hot cider and a quick snack. We then piled onto the recliner for our read a loud (bible story) and sat on the floor to play a board game (5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed)!

Time flew by and it was soon time to pick up Jackie from preschool! She goes 3 afternoons a week for 2hrs. During the time she is gone, I use to give Noah extra attention and to do special projects with him. Noah loves to use my camera and took some wonderful pictures of Olivia and I in the garden!
Noah could hardly wait to share our garden classroom with his sister Jackie!



  1. What a fun teacher. I'm sure those two will never forget the day. What a nice fall picture. Is that cabbage growing in the foreground of the picture?

  2. Wauw it sounds like so much fun!!
    And i love that picture Noah took!!!
    Have a great weekend!


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