Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn Is In The Air~

The smell of spiced apple/pom tea simmering in my crock pot waffled through my very clean house! The lights were dim and the candles were house was beaming with touches of warm and cozy!

My friend (and co-host) Elizabeth was over early so we could visit a bit before the party.

My 1st Annual Garden Potluck and Harvest Share....that no one RSVP'd for! Well 2 out of 17 did!

Elizabeth and I toured my garden and looked at a few of my new garden,canning and homestead books! We blessed the food (Jackie lead us in the Johnny Apple Seed song) and began to eat. It was already 6:20!

Then it was time to wait!...Who would come?.... Would anyone come?

I almost didn't care if anyone else came because it was so refreshing to sit in my very clean house, eat and visit with my friend Elizabeth! I was quit relaxed and very content! Listening to soft music....taking in the delightful smells of burning candles and the cinnamon & cloves from the simmering spiced tea was very therapeutic!

But at about 6:30 the door bell rang! I could hardly wait to see who it was! Yes...I did run through the house to answer the door! lol (I knew I wouldn't trip on anything because I had picked up)

The first 2 guests had finally arrived....... and every 30 minutes after another guest would arrive bringing with them food and garden harvests!

Beans,tomatoes,scallions and zucchini were among the harvest shares!

Homemade salsa and taco dip with chips, potato salad and raw green beans with blue cheese dip were among the other eats!

We had a great time! In fact we had an AWESOME time!

The first gal to arrive(brought a friend) has a son in my sons 5th grade class (the co-host's son is in the same class too.) My son went to her son's birthday party last weekend that is how we met.The friend she brought was her pregnant neighbor that needed a break from her toddler.

Another guest was a mom I had invited just hours earlier in the parking lot of my daughter's preschool! Once she was here I found out this mom is homeschooling her 3rd grade daughter this year and her 4 yr old son is in Jackie's class at the preschool. She also has a 4 month old boy!

Another guest was a long time friend and my Tastefully Simple Consultant with her 5th grade son!

We did not just talk about gardening. We talked about birth,nursing (3 of us still are nursing our little ones!) We talked about homeschooling among other things! We all really hit it off!

Elizabeth and I invited our new friends to sign up for MOPS! The first meeting of the year is next week!

So....I now have a homeschooling friend with kids of similar ages of mine! We plan to do a few field trips together....the zoo and wildlife park! I can bring in 3 guest free to both with my membership!

The storm that was supposed to come never did(it came the day before) the kiddos played outside and us mom's had a terrific time getting to know each other!

God really knew what he was doing!

The Lord truly blessed my gathering......because I invited HIM to join us!

The Lord is always standing near by.....waiting for an invitation! HIS personal invitation!

HE arrived not only in my attitude but in the hearts of each of my guests......

showing HIS beautiful face!




  1. I am so thrilled to hear you had such a lovely time at your harvest supper, it was such a beautiful idea and all those little finishing touches, the candles and the autumn leaves would have shown to the ladies who came that you cared and made them feel special. And yes, God knew the right people to send along - they were blessed and so were you!
    I'm thinking now this would be something I could try next Autumn. I miss out on the women's events at church as they are usually held in the daytime but lots of the ladies have gardens and a harvest supper would really appeal to them.

  2. OH, it sounds so wonderful, Georgiann!
    ~Amy @ Raising Arrows

  3. Really nice post. I'm so glad your party was a success - it sounded lovely. Neat, the connections you made that night. Your stew looked yummy.


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