Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joy In The Garden~

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I hope you enjoy this slide show!

This was our first year having such a large garden...we learned a lot!
We truly loved every moment spent in our splendid garden! Our family really had a great time on our daily walks through the garden!
We have been blessed with an abundant harvest!
It has been very rewarding to see the kiddos work together, then get to pick and eat all the wonderful organic produce.

Our family gives thanks to God for He is good!
Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Georgiann,
    Wonderful slide show!! You are so creative!! Are you looking forward to next year already, like I am?? :-)

    I'm in the process of making grape jam now and finding it hard to do much anything else!! I'll be blogging about it soon!! :-)


  2. Sooo beutifully done.
    I admire you for all teh hard work, including your family in it to make it a fun time...
    Prasie to our Awesome God for all He's giving us to enjoy!!

  3. Beautiful! My husband planted a garden this year, not quite so large as yours, but we've been eating lots of butternut squash and beets. We've had some wonderful cherub tomatoes and cucumbers, too. It's been fun! I love all your beautiful flowers, too.

  4. Gardening is so much fun!! I am always a bit sad when Fall rolls around signaling the end of the gardening season. I am experimenting with a winter garden this year so if it all works out I will be harvesting in November!!! You garden was beautiful!!!


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