Monday, September 28, 2009

Places To Go~

I wanted to participate in Happy Homemaker Monday but I have some places to go today!
I will try to put my post together tonight or just have to wait til next week?
This Tuesday (tomorrow)I'm hostessing my 1st Annual
Harvest Potluck and Garden Share party in my backyard! I will make a crock pot of my Garden Beef Stew and a basket of bread!
I will have another crock pot of hot apple spice tea!
My friend is co-hosting!
I mailed out 17 invites and only one person called to say they can not make it!
Your probably thinking great......right??? Well...
the rest of the people never called one way or the other!
The people that were invited asked to be on my was a sign up at MOPS last spring.
I also had a sign up at a church mom's group I went to on and off last today I will stop by and see if anyone is coming!
I called a few of the mom's to see if they were coming and one said YES! and the rest I got their answering machine.
One of the gals called me back and said that the local christian school was having their parent night on Tuesday! So I read off my guest list and 4 of those will be at the parent night!
So how many will be at the party?
Who really knows..but it will be fun and and how many people are there doesn't really matter!
I like small groups!
It would have been polite for the ladies to reply!
So far there will be 3 of us!
My house is clean and we will have fun,food and fellowship!
Well I'm off to run some errons and I will be back to blogging tomorrow or Wednesday!
I will post pictures of my party!
Post edit.
I found out many people I invited to the party are very sick....hence no call.
The weather tomorrow will be cold but sunny most of the day with a storm due to roll in at about the time of my party...6pm-8pm!
So tonight hubby and I will bring in my large dining table (it has been outside since my sisters bridal shower)! We will be eatting inside! The Pacific Northwest autumn storms have officially arrived! Buurrr!
Oh and Mirage...I got my baby bonnet in the mail today! Thank you! Thank you! Thankyou!
Its just beautiful! I love the flowers on the cute!
Oh and did you here...I won the Edwardian Apron over at the Seven Sister blog!


  1. Congratulations! You won the edwardian apron giveaway at Seven Sisters! When you have a chance, I'll need you to e-mail me your address so I can send it to you :)
    And thank you very much for the breakfast ideas--I am looking forward to using them!


  2. WOW Thanks so much...I can hardly wait to wear it!

    I emailed you my address just a few moments ago!


  3. When I first ran one of my Christmas decorating seminars outside of the church (I used an old schoolhouse which had been converted into a cafe) and posted invites in mail boxes in my rural community I had no idea how many ladies would turn up. Only 4 had replied and it was 2 days to go. I actually began to wonder if it was worth all the effort. Then the night before a lady rang to say that most of the ladies in the Country Women 's Association would be attending. On the night over 40 women of all ages came along- most were not Christians. It was a wonderful evening - I was able to not only share inspiration for Christmas homemaking but also the true message of Christmas - it had quite an impact on many of the ladies. Later that week a garden club rang - the word had spread, would I run another seminar. I invited these ladies to my home - complete strangers. 12 ladies came along and were just as inspired in a more intimate setting. The biggest group I ran a seminar for was 65 - packed into one home, the smallest about 10. I later realized that numbers were not important - God had placed this ministry on my heart and each Christmas He sent along the women who He knew would be touched by what I would share.
    With the smaller group I was able to spend lots more time talking with individual ladies, it was very special. I would offer you lots of encouragement Georgiann, it sounds like you have planned a lovely party and I'm sure that those who come along will be thoroughly blessed!

  4. Yeeeesss I saw that you won the apron and I'm soooo jealous! Lol!
    Yay! I'm glad the bonnet has arrived! I have one I kept for myself too. ;) Too cute to pass up. :) I hope God will bless me with another baby someday!
    Hmmm it would have been polite for them to let you know they could not make it. I try to let people know either way but sometimes find I forget to tell them if I AM coming. For some reason it's easier to remember to tell someone you're not going than it is to remember to tell them you ARE going! For me at least.


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