Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Two Or More Are Gathered......

........in my name their I AM in their midst says the Lord!

Tonight in my home I will be hostessing my 1st Annual Garden Potluck and Harvest Share!

My co-host and friend Elizabeth has a seed recognition game planned!

I know yesterday I my have sound quit discouraged about the fact no one called to RSVP (either way)....but soon after I posted, my friend Ann came by and reminded me that God will bring the people that will enjoy and be blessed by the night! She shared with me a similar story.(you can read in my comments)

Ann was so right! I knew she was....but needed a reminder. (the devil is always at work!)

I think God wanted me to step out of my comfort zone and invite people that I might not have invited other wise. I hand delivered a few invitations last night. Two of them to people that have really neat gardens (we spotted on a family walk last week). They are around the corner practically neighbors!

One of the older ladies from around the corner said, she belongs to a local Garden Club that meet and visit each others gardens thorough out the summer! They also visit local plant nurseries for plant sales! The leader of the group has some sort of learning lesson each time! That is so something I would love to do! I would not have found out about the Garden Club if everyone had RSVP ed! She said she will call me and let me know about the next gathering!

God really knows what HE is doing!.....even if we can't see the whole picture yet!

Thanks Ann for such great encouragement!

I still don't know how many people will come....but I DO know that our gathering will be blest! Where 2 or more are gathered in my name there I Am in their midst says the Lord!

Well...... I have the stew in the crock pot, 2 loaves of bread going in the bread machines.

The bathroom is clean,the weeds are pulled out of the flower pots on the porch,the floors have been vacuumed and the dishes are done! (just don't go upstairs) heehee!

More importantly I have a HAPPY HEART and am resting in GOD's LOVE!




  1. Yes, I did get your address! I will send it off as soon as possible :)


  2. I hope you had a lovely evening. You sound like you have a warm and generous heart. A great idea to share your harvest - sounds like an idea from past times that would be good to revive. If I were coming I'd bring double delight roses and my two sweet 100 tomatoes left on the vine that aren't rotting, but then I'd get to enjoy your stew and bread :)


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