Monday, September 14, 2009

Going Back In Time!

It has been a fun family tradition to go to the small (sample) pioneer farm located in our State Fair!
The main Pioneer Farm and Indian Village is located just minutes from my house in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. They have a guide set up and you spend the whole day there....making a craft,pizza from scratch,learn a lesson in the one room school house etc.
I keep saying we would go to the main farm but have just never made it out there! I do hope to go this year! LOL (I mean it this time!)

Noah is griding wheat berries into flour! Then Jackie and Noah take turns sifting it!

Jackie had fun scraping the cinnamon off the stick.....she couldn't help but give it a taste! OOOWWWW! Yuck! (all those germs)

Jackie is churning butter and.....

Chopping carrots!

Oh the joys of laundry day the old fashion way!
Scrub,rinse,wring and hang!

Little Miss Olivia wanting to help out with the laundry too!

We had a wonderful time at the fair and will go back at least one more time! The first day of the fair is always FREE and being homeschoolers we get all get free tickets to go again!
Other things we take delight in doing at the fair is walking though the Hobby Hall looking at all the logo collections and stuff! Every year the Gem Society lets us spin for a free polished rock!
The last 2 years the coin collector guy lets each person pick though a bin of foreign coins and have one!
We love to see all the quilts and art that people enter for judging!
The kiddos love to vote on the Grange displays! The fruits of someones labor....not bought in a store!
A visit to the Pig Palace to see momma and the baby piglets is also a must! It reminds me of the story Charlotte's Web! Awww...I love that story!
We also love to get our FREE chocolate milk sample from the dairy and watch the cows get milked!
Chickens,rabbits,cats,dogs,goats and horses are also a must see!!!!
There are many FREE shows to watch......the Bullas(a homeschoolin' fiddle family) used to play our fair but moved to Nashville several years back!
We now enjoy another local homeschool fiddlin' family...the Konzellman's! They won't be playing until next week so I hope I get to see them this year!
We usually do the lets pretend circus but ran out of time on this last maybe next time?
The kiddos get to dress up and a MC directs them as to what to do! The kids are the show,with costumes,music and everything! They pick the kids from the audience each time to go back and get ready. It so fun to watch!
Well the kiddos want to make french toast this morning so off I go!


  1. It sounds like so much fun! I'll drive up and go with you next week... *wink* :) On second thought, I don't know if my nerves can handle 9 hours in the car with 2 toddlers to get there! Lol!

  2. Hi Georgiann,
    Thanks for visiting me at Petunia's Garden. Nice to find another "local." Did you see the posts I've had about SAGBUTT? Seattle area garden bloggers united to talk (& often eat)? It has been great to connect with others & see some gardens. We're meeting this Sunday the 20th (we alternate the 3rd Sat or Sunday of each month when possible).

    Looks like a great day out. My grandmother did a terrible job on her hand when she caught it in one of those wringers!
    ~ Paula

  3. P.S. Hubby was not impressed with the delicious chocolate coffee so I pretty much got it all to myself. ;) Yummy!
    My 3 year old has confiscated the teacup towel. I will have to snag it back during nap... She thinks it's an apron and keeps going on about the lemons on it calling them oranges. Lol! Gotta love toddlers!

  4. Did you see who won the bonnet giveaway on my blog? *wink* You don't have to approve this comment, just go to my blog and see! ♥

  5. I love the historical attractions which bring history alive. So much more exciting than static displays in a dusty museum! We have a 'Timber Town' pioneer museum in the region which has lots of events and a steam train to ride. I used to live near a town in NZ which had a Victorian precinct. Each year they held a Victorian fair. Businesses were setting up in the old stone buildings - antique shops, an organic bakery and a book binders - the owner dresses like a Victorian gentleman all year round and rides a penny farthing! Those sieves remind me of the ones we use when we go fossicking for sapphires. We are off to do this on the weekend as we are attending the Diana Waring homeschool conference which is being held in a town which is in the gem fields region.

  6. So much fun!!! I really want to go to the fair now!!! I didn't know the first day was free - I'll have to remember that for next year!! We're having french toast in the morning - yummy!!

  7. What fun! Our fair doesn't have that much interactive stuff. We do have a sort of prairie type farm like this that isn't too far away, and they have homeschooling days, and do this sort of thing often. I'm not sure what it costs, though. I've always wanted to send my kids to the Pioneer school they offer for a week, sort of like VBS for farms instead of God, lol.


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