Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Gourmet Pinto Bean~

One of my favorite things I grew in the garden this year was a bean called the
Stringless Horticultural Bean!
This bean was used by the Indians and dates way back! The beans are dried in the pods on the bush then harvested and used like other dried beans in soups or refried.
Some nicknames for this bean are Tongues-of -Fire and Cranberry Bean!Some call it the Gourmet Pinto Bean or the October Bean!
Nine plants yielded me a 1pint jar! (one meal) I could have planted more, putting them closer together but was not sure how big they would get! Next year I will triple the number of plants!

Olivia is happy to help in the Garden! She walked with such self confidence carrying her gathered harvest to the table to be podded!
She opened the pods up and gingerly placed each of the beans in a jar! You could tell she felt like a big girl!

Jackie and Olivia work hard together at the table in the back yard! (Amy..this is table that belongs in the house...I took it outside for my sister Bridal shower and had BIG plans of refinishing it! Maybe next year?)

This activity kept the girls busy for about 45 minutes! Olivia (not quite 2yrs) helped with podding beans on 2 other occasions. She seems to really enjoy doing it and stays focused!

I loved taking a million pictures of both the girls! Olivia was so cute....her little fingers carefully opening the pod then pinching onto the beans and putting them into the jar!

Jackie gave her hair a chop....can you tell?
Well thanks for stoppin' by!
Have a wonderful Day!


  1. Oh how precious! What a great job Olivia is doing husking those beans! :)
    Maybe Jackie is practicing to be a hairdresser? ;) She will love when she is older and the ladies of the family can all take turns trimming each others hair. I loved doing that with my sister and my mom. :)
    Have I told you how much I love your slideshow of blessings at the top of your blog? What precious little faces! They really make my day every time I visit your blog, along with the lovely pics of your precious children!

  2. Georgiann,
    We grew several varieties of dry beans last year: Pinto, YinYang (really cool black and white), kidney and Cherokee Trail of Tears. All totally delicious. I love food that has a strong heritage.

    I meant to grow more this year but time and space were nonexistant. Sigh!

    Olivia is so adorible with her "big girl" job!! You go momma!!

    I know it's frustrating but in spite of it all, Jackie's hair looks really cute.

    I cut my own hair in 1st grade right before school pictures. My mom took me to get it "fixed" and I ended up with a really short "shag". The nice thing about hair is that it grows back!! :-)


  3. My mom grew cranberry beans for the first time this year also!! How fun!! Since we eat so many dried beans in this home I used my garden space differently (salad fixin's and squash etc.) We go through 25 lb costco bags of beans regularly - easy on the budget!!


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