Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few Hidden Treasures~

Beneath the weeds of our over grown garden lays some hidden treasures......green beans,cabbage and a few tomatoes! I still need to over turn my potato buckets and see what we have!

I managed to retrieve this large bowl FULL of beans!
Over the next week I will be giving the garden the weeding it long deserves and getting some of the ground ready for next years planting. (In just a few short weeks we will be getting frost and the ground will be unworkable for the long winter here!)

What treasures do you have in your life waiting to be unearthed?




  1. The spring veggie plants are in and I am looking forward to summer harvests! Mulberries, elder flowers and herbs are coming in abundance and I have been busy in my kitchen using all my garden produce. I've just posted on nesting which involved lots of cleaning, reorganizing and rearranging of my treasures!

  2. Ann,
    Harvest season here is just finishing up....we are into our cooler weather now.
    There are a few nice days left...so I will wash everyones bedding and hang it out on the clothes line one last time!
    And harvest the last of the veggies out in the garden! (they should have been picked weeks ago!)

    I came by your blog and you really have the nesting bug!lol
    I can hear the excitment about the new baby! I too can hardly wait!


  3. I wish I could keep a garden alive! Unless I'm pregnant again next year, I plan on trying again. My dad loves agriculture and has always had a garden and tried to teach me but I seem to just kill everything. Maybe God just wants me to raise kids because the plants are not working so well for me! Haha!


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