Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Having A Baby Shower~

No, the baby shower is not for me!
(I do keep praying to need one again***sigh:)Its not even for a real live baby~

Its for Olivia's Baby Alive (that's not really alive as Jackie always likes to point out.)
This doll was a present from hubby and I to Olivia last week for her 2nd birthday.
Adopted from Fred Meyers~lol
It is a "get well"baby that has a few gadgets that came with it. Olivia really liked her new present.....but so did her 4yr old sister Jackie! This doll pees!
All evening you could hear Olivia screaming for Jackie to give her the doll back!
Its not like we don't have other fun dolls that do stuff Jackie could play with!

After a while Olivia gave up and just let her sister play with the doll. The 2 girls sleep in our at bed time the doll came to bed too. As soon as Jackie fell asleep, loosing the grip on the doll (11:30pm), Olivia who was wide awake (waiting for her chance) got her doll and purse full of all the baby stuff back! She played with her birthday doll until about (12:15am). She had the purse on her little arm all night! It was a funny night of nursing....yes, I still nurse Olivia. Rolling Olivia..... purse, doll and all, over to switch sides to nurse during the night was really quit comical!

A few weeks have passed and.....
Olivia has given up the fight to be this dolls mommy~
Jackie plays with this doll almost daily. We have other dolls that Olivia likes to play with!

By now you might be wondering about the title of my post...."We're having a baby shower!"

Well the other night I stayed up to watch the Duggar show....I really wanted to see the new GrandDuggar! I normally don't stay up so late nor do I usually watch the Duggar show or even have the TV on for that matter.

My little Jackie(4) stayed up with me! She watched as the Duggar family decorated for Anna's baby shower! Jackie was mesmerized by the whole thing. She really payed close attention to the part when one of the boys took a bunch of candy off the table on his way out to the car. Dad and the boys were going off to do guy things during the party!

After watching the show, Jackie decided that her baby(doll) needed to have a baby shower too! So being the fun and really cool mom that I am, lol we will have a mock baby shower today~

This baby doll needs cloth diapers! I can't afford disposable.....for a doll that pees every 30 seconds!

Jackie wanted to have the party yesterday but our day was FULL. Having this baby shower has been ALL she talks about! Yesterday Jackie wrapped some "presents" for the baby(doll).

Today we will decorate and set the table all nice! I will serve tea and treats!

Well I hear Jackie coming downstairs now.....I know the baby shower will be the first thing she asks about! So off I go! We're having a baby shower!




  1. I cannot tell you how many showers, birthday parties, concerts and so on my girls put on for their dolls. It's so cute!

  2. I love this! If I ever have a granddaughter! Ha! One of my daughters loved loved loved her other two were more into playing outdoors and putting on skits and things..I loved my dolls too as a little girl. I wish I'd have had more. :( Cute pics too!

  3. LOL!! That is super cute. :) I hope the dolly shower goes great! Hehe...


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