Thursday, October 8, 2009

These Still Are The Good Old Days~

This is not my house~ its just a really cool old house along one of my favorite country drives!

I love to remember back.... when the west was won~

The pioneers that paved the way for us~with hard work and dedication!
Mothers that cared for their children and families during the harsh and sometimes unforgiving winter months. Men that labored hard to provide food for their families!
Somethings still remain the same today~just not as hard!

I feel their SPIRIT......when I see old things from yesterday~

Sometimes we forget how easy we have life today, in the 20th century!




  1. Hi Georgiann. Have you seen "Frontier House" from PBS about 4 families living a homesteading life for a period of time? It was excellent {but I remember thinking some material not suitable for children}. We rented it from the library. Love the pictures you added - it seems like a good life but I think I'm too weak - I would have perished in Winter.

  2. I read The Worst Hard Time about the dust bowl this summer. It's hard to imagine people living through that time. I kept thinking why didn't they just move? You're right, they were tough and life was harder then!


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