Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Christain Films~

After I posted yesterday, I got a email from Rich Peluso Affirm Films/Sony Picures...

I was so delighted that Mr. Peluso wrote and shared links for veiwing other CHRISTIAN based FAITH filled movies.

Here is a copy of the letter and the links.....I wanted to pass them along to my readers~

His letter reads:

Dear “Faith Like Potatoes” supporter,

Affirm Films extends to you a sincere "Thank you” for your recent mention/coverage of our film!

Your interest and willingness to include information about the “Faith Like Potatoes” DVD in your blog/website truly helped us exceed all
expectations in creating awareness and impacting far more people than we ever imagined. Thank YOU!

Affirm Films' mission is to present quality entertainment that encourages, uplifts, challenges and entertains by providing family
films, thought-provoking documentaries, children's entertainment and timeless stories that will move and inspire viewers and deliver on the
promise of wholesome and trusted entertainment. Thank you so much for spreading the word about “Faith Like Potatoes” as you have become a valuable extension to our efforts.

Family Christian Stores also joined the campaign this year by creating the “Faith In Action: Angus Buchan Story” DVD for their James Fund ministry, "to look after orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27). This special DVD raised tens of thousands of dollars destined to directly benefits orphans through the James Fund and Angus Buchan’s Shalom Ministries.

In helping to provide additional content for your blog, we thought you would especially be interested in accessing the NEW channel in which you may more easily access all of the Affirm Films trailers and embed those of your choice into your blog when you share information of these new films with your readers. We trust this new tool along with the below social media lists will prove helpful to you as well!
Be sure to join the Affirm Films Facebook fan page for the latest updates!

Thanks again for your support and interest in Affirm Films projects!

Rich Peluso, Affirm Films/Sony Pictures

I can hardly wait to snuggle in with my family and watch many of these wonderful films!

I can just see it family...lots of blankets, lots of kids and quilts, popcorn......and maybe some Raisinettes? Yah... for sure some Raisinettes...oh and some cola to wash it all down!

The movie The Note looks like a really good movie.....A Old Fashioned Thanksgiving was on TV a few years ago. I really like that one. I truly enjoy Christian based movies!

The films I believe can be down loaded from the link (site)....I'm not sure if there is a cost.

I hope you will go over to the link and check out these wonderful christian based movies..

then leave me a comment....

What movie would you like to see first?

What are your favorite movie snacks?




  1. We loved Faith Like Potatoes but I wished my sister would of warned me it was really emotional. We watched it when I was very pregnant this last time and it shook me up but I would say tell anyone who has not see they need to see it. What a awsome movie.

  2. Hey Georgiann! I didn't know if you ever saw it but a while back I tagged you on my blog. Also you are my featured blogger this week. Just thought you should know! ♥ Oh and I'm doing a Christmas bloggy carnival and would be tickled pink if you feel like joining in. :)

  3. Wow! When I have some time I'll have to go through all of these. I love finding good movies to watch w/ the family!

    And we're the traditional popcorn kind of family (however, sometimes we do caramel corn of the homemade variety! YUM!)



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