Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you ever.....

have a day that you feel that life is driving off without you? Or really fast with you in the front seat? Does it leave you feeling off track? Feeling like things are piling up at a high rate of speed, all at once?

Some how today, my procrastinating ways has left me feeling that way and with many things to do! Fruitful things of course, but for some reason I'm dreading them and feeling overwhelmed none-the-less!
I have many phone calls to make....appointments to set up....and a few bills to pay!
The paper work side of motherhood! EEEKKKK!

I rather wash the windows~LOL

I know tomorrow I will be back to normal. Feeling more on track! I suppose this is the price I must pay for procrastinating!
When all is done.....I will feel a big weight lifted off me.....and God revealing Himself to me a bit more!



  1. Georgiann,
    Oh man, can I relate!!! See, I do all of the clerical stuff for our family business and work about 3 days a week generally. Lately it's been more. So now we're behind in school a bit. You know, when the kids are asking to do school things are out of hand!! :-) Today I was supposed to be at home all day and promised my little guy that mommy was going to be there for him ALL DAY. But dh called and asked me to come in to do a few things for him--so off I went and here I am. Sigh.

    I know when things are really out of control in my life when I start having dreams that I'm driving and need to stop but the brakes don't work. Then I have to force myself to slow down a bit.

    And while trying to type this comment I took 4 phone calls from Son #2 in Hawaii, discussed business with DH and chatted with Daughter #1 who is with me (I'm working on training her to take over my job so that hopefully by the first of next year I can be a SAHM again!! Yay!!) so it's a true miracle when I can actually finish something!! And speaking of which... :-)


  2. I too would rather clean windows than to make phone calls and grade papers! The thing I dread is knowing that I have to go through many messages and pressing numbers before I get to talk to a person. But we have to do them.

  3. Sandra~
    That is sssoooo much what I dread about the phone calls. The waiting to speak to a person while my kiddos get into everything and fight over stuff....its hard to refaree and handle phone stuff.
    Well I'm off to take my 2yr old to the denist....I made the appt yesterday!
    Today is much better!

    Blessings and thanks for stoppin by...Would you like to stay for a slice of bread with jam? lol Tea?


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