Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Someone Is At The Door !!!!!!

[I was just thinking the other day about my messy house and 6 kids,it seems when you have a big family all eyes are on you,especially if you home school. Often times when our house gets really bad, we use the term we are looking "Ghetto".
It does not matter if you live in a mansion,average house,apartment,mobile or tent,if you rent or own. It does not matter if you have money or no money,these tips are meant to be a guide to put your best foot forward.
Sometimes my house gets really bad after the birth of a child. I'm tired and put things off. When I do decide to clean I get so overwhelmed,I never know where to start,so I don't.... Sometimes I don't do anything, because it seems it will just get messed up again why bother? Things can look "Let go". If someone is coming over and there is not time to clean the whole house, here are a few places to start that have a big impact.]

Here are 10 quick tips to keep your house from looking totally Ghetto!

1. Make sure your porch is clean.

Your front entry is a first impression of whats to come. Its should be
swept and free of cobwebs,leaves,pine needles... and shoes with spiders
in them. The WELCOME mat should be shook off,and clean. The door itself should be clean too,not filthy from the dog pawing at it.

2.Fold blankets and fluff pillows on the couch.

Self explanatory~ It will feel like a new room. The clutter in the room won't seem quit so bad now....Don't be tempted to nap at this point LOL, there is more to do!

3.Vacuum rugs and sweep floors (especially the kitchen).

Getting the bits off the floor instantly make the house look cared for. It is kind of therapeutic to watch something go from dirty to clean. It can look like I haven't cleaned the floors in a month,when really it has only been a week. With 6 kids it doesn't take long for things to get out of control. Some people with just 1 or 2 kids don't always understand!... WOW!the hum of the vacuum cleaner,watching the dirt "go away".... DIRTY....CLEAN,I can see it now. Beautiful!!!!

4.Take out the trash,both in the bathroom and kitchen.

Not only does it usually smell,it looks gross. When you have a large family, trash cans can fill quickly. A FULL can of trash can make the whole bathroom seem dirty even if you wiped it down. The kitchen is where everyone seems to visit,to eat crumpets and have tea. No one wants to smell your rotten food. Yucko! LOL!

5.Wash the Smudges off the mirrors and windows.

Lets face it with a house that is full of small children,who can keep up on this daunting task? Not me. I do this chore ONLY when I know people are coming over. Dirty windows,with handprints all over make a home look run down.

6.Clean the babies highchair tray.

Even if the sink is full of dirty dishes,it seems weird to have old food on a baby's' tray. I like to keep ALL the baby's things clean and wiped down.I know that even if things aren't clean all the time or even some of the time,I am a wonderful mom and you are too.

7.Make your bed.

A made bed can really make a messy bedroom that is filled with clutter shine like a star. OK maybe I'm exaggerating.... but my hubby likes it when I make our bed,especially if I launder the bedding....I'm hoping I get pregnant soon so I launder with a happy heart and do so often. LOL

8.Bring in fresh flowers from the yard.

Even if it is just a stick with berries on it. Some sort of nature that GOD has made brought in can lift a room to new heights. Who doesn't like fresh flowers?

9.Make sure there is not trash in the front or back yard.

We have 6 children and ALL their friends come over to play in the back yard. There seams to be tons of cups,juice pouch wrappers,Popsicle sticks,dishes and clothes that never get carried in. WE all clean the yard once a week,but sometimes to others it make look like every 2 months.

10. Make sure the screens on the house are in good repair.

It can save a child from falling out a 2ND story window. It also looks super tacky. Our house has fallen victim to ripped screens waving in the breeze. TACKY.

In closing I would like to say,the things mentioned above individually don't seem too bad,but together its not pretty. Add all that with the crusty micro-wave,scribbles on the wall, the 1/4 inch of dust everywhere,6 kids with the sniffles,a 2 year old that WILL not keep her clothes on(she is now 3 and the phase is PJ's everyday all day.) and a dog that stinks. Things can seem bleak. Most of the time I let visitors in after my quick tidy-up. My house will never look perfect. I ask,will you be a Mary or a Martha? and I don't mean Stewart!

My house is full of love and laughter~a place people always feel Welcome. I know people feel Gods love here. Its hard not to with 6 kids running around joking with each other. Most of my closest friends understand the mess,some even help me with it. Thank you God! Sometimes I may be to hard on myself. The visitors that come have something to give,even if they seem to be coming in need. Sometimes I really need the company(other than my children) LOL. Let's face it people need each other. We are ALL GOD children and he works in mysterious ways.

Well,I hope you have enjoyed my list. I had fun putting it together,lots of giggling at my computer today... remembering all the times when things got bad or Ghetto around here.
Remember to keep the humor~

Peace in Christ,

If you can think of any tips you would like to share leave me a comment!


  1. hi georgiann,
    i read your request for comments over at talya's blog. welcome to the blogging world!

    anyhoo, as a mom of 5 children, i definitely can relate to what you are saying about a messy home as i've been there, done that, and will do it again! i'm not proud of this, but i've resigned myself to having a house like my elderly neighbor's home (ALWAYS neat and clean) when my children are grown and/or moved out.
    personally, i'm a neat and organized person but with the children constantly re-cluttering the place, i've stopped stressing it. my neighbor lives alone and her home is always immaculate. she encouraged me not to stress the mess because one day, it'll be just me and my husband. :o)

    here's to happy blogging.

  2. Great post! I have a terrible time keeping my basement clean, but using a lot of the things you mentioned upstairs keep at least that area looking fairly good. I do have to constantly be picking up and asking the kids to pick up though.

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your comments are such an encouragement!


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