Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween For Christians?

Remember to silence my play list~

Gods people are set apart for his glory~

I have been wrong in the past by going trick or treat~ and teaching my children it was OK!
I was being lead, even by the church to go along with it all.
We will still have our FAMILY gathering, we will not decorate or have jack o lanterns. This is our first year with a no Halloween practice.
We will stay home and Praise the Lord! We will have fun being together. Read more about our family's new tradition here.

Peace in Christ,

PS I find myself calling our new tradition a Halloween party... old habit..Does any one have a idea of what we should call it? Its is going to be a challenge to change the children's mind set...it will take some time to undo what we have mis taught our children. What do you do for Halloween? What do you call it? Thanks for any input!


  1. We are only going to be doing things as a family too. My girls took part in a Reformation Celebration yesterday through our church homeschool co-op.

    Thank you for replying to my blog. I asked my husband why he didn't want to have more children. He said the #1 reason was he though he wouldn't be able to give the attention each one needed, then he said we would have to get a bigger vehicle and lastly he said the cost. I am praying for the Lord to put the desire in my husband's heart if we are to have more. God is amazing! :-)

  2. Hi April~
    My husband usually said the same thing when we had a brand new baby in the house! Since you just had a baby, his feelings may be strong in this area. You can't force him to be quiverfull,that goes against scripture. You can only pray WITH him and FOR him...that God will change his heart and calm his fears!
    To be quiverfull is about your convictions and what you do with YOUR body in regards to birth-control.
    Back to the subject of Halloween~
    Thats sounds like a cool ceremony..
    What did you do at it?
    Did the whole church do it? or was it just a homeschool coop thing?

    I hope to talk to you soon~
    Answer me back on my blog~
    I will come and visit you soon at your blog and see what you are up to~

    Peace in Christ,

  3. Hi! I had a comment all written out yesterday and it disappeared. Then things happened and well you know, you're a mom. lol :-)

    I am praying for either God to take the desire for more children out of my heart or put the desire in my husband's. I am not nagging him about it. I asked him because I wanted to know the reasons and I asked in a very gentle way. I am surprised he wasn't irritated by the question though since he has been adamant about no more children.

    The Reformation Party was great. The children learned about Martin Luther, did skits, sang songs, did crafts had snacks, played Renaissance period games and the kids were dressed in time period costumes. I will try to post pics on my blog soon. Have a great day!

    We are so excited that my husband is coming home today...he was been gone for training for 3 days.

  4. I sent you this in an e-mail, but I thought I'd post here, too.

    We also don’t celebrate Halloween. We haven’t since the beginning. I try not to make an overly big-deal about it, anymore, as it got to be that I was always feeling angry and judgmental. For us, we have done lots of different things. We used to go to a HUGE “Hallelujah Night” party at a church about 45 minutes away, but the kids stopped liking it because they didn’t know anyone (it wasn’t our church). Next, for a few years, we had a “Pumpkin Party” in my parents’ barn, which was very fun and probably my favourite thing, but it was a big chilly, so some of the parents lost interest. This year, we just went to my parents’ place (in the country – they don’t get any trick or treaters), dressed up and had pizza/movie. Anyway, I love the name “Hallelujah Night” because it reminds me to reclaim the night for the Lord. I think it is very honouring to the Lord for us to dress up, play games and have fun as a family or as families together.

  5. Hi Christine~

    Thanks for sharing with me what you do! I like Hallelujah night too. I think we will use it!
    When you say you all dress up you mean church clothes?
    How old are your kiddos?
    I hope you will stop by my blog again soon! I like it when people comment...it makes it fun, Thanks!
    I will stop by your blog a little later,when I have a minute!

    Peace in Christ,

    I wi


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