Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommas Little Earth Baby~

Jackie (who just turned 5 last week) loves to help in the garden.

She is my total little earth baby~

Dressed like a zesty Zinnia...Jackie relished in planting and sifting her tiny fingers in the cold black dirt!

The weather here has been cool and breezy,though the sun did try to peek through the clouds on and off!

My earth baby spent much of today cultivating our main garden bed! (with minimal help)
Peas,corn,flowers of all sorts and 2 kinds of onions went in.
Seeds and bulbs were gently place in there trench and lightly covered with rich soil!

A beautiful day with my beautiful girl!

We still have our beans (green beans 3 colors and cranberry beans used for drying)left to plant.....then it will be time to sit back and watch the garden grow!

Stay tuned......for more garden pictures and the announcement of the winner to my birthday giveaway!

See ya tomorrow!

~Peace and Love~

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  1. What amazing blooms and Jackie's coordinating top is just lovely. That is such a gorgeous photo of her clutching the bloom. Your garden is looking good too, hope you reap a wonderful harvest. It is cooling down here. We have our fire going in the evening. Camellias are coming into bloom and the first pumpkin is almost ready to pick. Soup days have arrived! Blessings to you Georgiann and your lovely family - I enjoy seeing their photos and catching up on what you are up to - the pioneer farm looks like a great place to visit too!


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