Friday, May 28, 2010

A Real Deal!

I wanted to post a few pictures of this really cool dress before my tot wears I'm not sure how white it will be after.

After eating at the Old Country Buffet last weekend with our family of 8 plus 2 of my kiddos friends....we all walked together around the mall.
 As we walked girls and I stumbled into the Gymboree store when I saw this cute little dress and bloomers on the clearance rack.
As I quickly ripped  gently pulled it off the rack, the clerk said, the dress is another 20% off the last price! Soo the $32.00 dress was marked down to about $12.00 ......20% off that would bring the price to about $9.00.

SOLD to the lady with the BIG smile!!!!!

Can you believe I only payed about $9.00 for this dress?
Me either, but I did!
I pray little Miss Olivia will get to wear this sweet dress more than once....after all did I mention its white?

Look at the fabric....its real thick and textured!

I love love the color green and daisies yell,"simple summer"!

Peace and Love,


  1. Very Cute! Dresses like that are made for OxyClean!

  2. Hooray for clearance! :D Yeah I was gonna say Chicklet has a few white outfits and most of them have survived thanks to an occasional overnight soak in OxiClean! I ♥ OxiClean!


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