Monday, May 24, 2010

Planting Peas and My Giveaway Winner!

Gardening is a delightful way to add fun to homeschooling....
even for the youngest of the bunch!

Jackie learned what 5 inches and 2 inches looks like.....the planting distance for corn and peas!
She knows the Sugar Peas will need something to climb and helped carry then tie the chicken wire up for a trellis! She has practiced team work and following directions. There are to many things to learn in the garden for me to list them all.

We still need to build our life size tee-pee fort for our Telephone Peas to climb! The kids will get great enjoyment out of a real fort in the garden....I can hardly wait! (the photo opts will be endless) I can just see it now...a blanket with a picnic dolls and toys all stuffed in. Hum.....I better build BIG! lol

In last years garden we grew a tall grove of Cosmos and a forest of sunflowers. We used them as our outdoor classroom for our fall home school lessons. It was peaceful sit on a blanket nestled  behind the cabbage and under the watchful eye of tall cosmos and towering sunflowers! You can read more about it here!
I would like to thank everyone who joined in my Surprise giveaway in honor of my little Jackie!
I love all the  birthday stories you all shared.....I wish you could ALL be the winner.....but there is only one prize package (of a few things).

And the winner is.........

 Jessica from Shower of Roses you are the winner!


Little Miss Jackie drew the name this morning!

Since it is a Surprise giveaway I will wait to post a picture of the prize package for about a week after I mail it!
It would not be a true surprise if I showed Jessica what she is getting now would it?

Have a great and productive day!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Oohh!! Really?!?! How exciting! Thank you!!! :-)


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