Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots to share......

Well I must say I am glad to be back to my blog. It has been a very long 2 weeks.

I want to thanks everyone that came and left me a comment.....and a BIG thanks to my new blog friend...Lisa......I think we are kindered spirits and I am thankful for our new friendship!

While on my break our family actually went on a trip to Libby MT were we camped in cabins. We then headed to Post Falls/ Courde Alene ID and stayed in a hotel right on Lake Courde Alene. On our trip we got to visit some friends in Sand Point ID and ride the rides at Silverwood theme park. I love the log ride!!!! We also attended Mass every Sunday that we were gone! I have a few stories to share about that! It was a fun time!
Jacob and I also spent a night in East Wenachee and the day in Leavenworth (a German theme town) and Cashmire WA (where they make the famous Applets and Cotlets candy). I have so many pictures I want to share.....
But it will have to wait...I have to round up all my photo chips and get the pictures downloaded!

Since getting home on July 5th I have been very tired.......the heat has really has knocked me back!
My husband and I drove separately.....he took most of the kiddos home on July 4. Jacob and I stayed in East Wenachee for my NaPro DR appointment. (more details on that soon) We came home a day later on the 5th.
It has taken a few long naps over the past few days to finally feel good again...and the drop in the temp has helped greatly. It was 90 degrees when I left Wenachee! And 75 degrees here when we drove over the pass. I was hoping for the cooler weather we are all used to 60-70 ish.
On our trip and since coming home I have been getting to bed at about 11pm
(falling asleep around midnight) and waking with the sun at 5am! Then taking a 2 hour nap in mid afternoon.

Since being home life has been full speed ahead!

We have added a new cat Daisy to our family......a free stray cat a friend needed a home for.
After some research on line I think she is a Ragamuffin breed.
I have not always had good experiences with cats but for the kids sake decide to give it a try. Plus I feel like I am in an emotional funk....ever since my miscarriage in January I have wanted to dye my hair blond and get a tattoo.
OK.....JUST KIDDING! But have you every done weird things to feel better about things?????
I was due with Christian Alexander Aug. 28. the miscarriage in January still makes me sad! :(

Our Border Collie Jasper is not to happy about our new cat......
We are gently trying to get them acquainted.

We have also come home to discover we have a rooster in our mix of hens. I love love roosters but we can not have them here. We don't have enough property. So we will soon have to find him a new home, leaving us with only 4 hens. We are left with a Buff Orphington, an Americana, a Black Australorp and a Silver Lace Wyandotte. (Our Rhode Island Red did not make it past the 3 month mark)

My very small garden did well despite not being watered while we were gone.

~Celery and Lettuce~

We also had an abundance of strawberries that my girls ate very quickly ....they were almost gone before I could get a good picture of a FULL berry patch!
My chamomile is going very well but some of my herbs did not fair as well.
With a bit of pruning back and a little some time and water I am hopeful my herbs will make a full comeback!

Since coming home 2 days ago, I have had a VBS meeting.
Vacation Bible School starts next week 11-15th.
If my kiddos are not in the program they help out....I run the snack kitchen.

Last night I went to my best friends house and got to swap vacation stories with her.
She just got back from an Alaskan Cruse with her son J.
Her pictures were breathtaking!
After getting caught up, we went to a Ladies Night Out at a local car dealership.
It was a free event.....catered Mexican food, free $40.00 spa gift card for test driving a new car,
and door prize drawings.
There were many local vendors at the event, Scentsy, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Jewelry, Purses and More!
About 15 vendors in all!
The guys from the dealership gave mini talks on how not to get ripped off by Jif.f.y L.ub.e
how to change a tire, what to in case of an accident etc....
Very Very FUN!!!!!!

My diet has gone out the window while on vacation..... :(
and since coming home. I need to get back on track!
{after I eat my Red Velvet cupcake from Costco!}

Today I have to finish unpacking the my van from the trip then later today I will go look at a bunkbed and 2 dressers for sale from a gal in our homeschool group.
I want to get the girls sleeping in there own room by fall.

Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the kids to a local Lavender Festival!

I have a craving for one of these cupcakes!!!

and maybe a bit of Lavender Lemonade to wash it down!

You can go here to my other blog....
The Rustic Kitchen
for my recipe.

Well I better get going, the day is getting away from me.
I send you all Peace, Love and Joy for a great weekend!


  1. It is great to have you back, Georgiann! It sounds like you had lots going on over the last two weeks. I will be thinking and praying for you over the next month and a half (and beyond, of course). It will be very hard to pass Christian's due date, I'm sure.
    With Love,

  2. Yey~glad you're back! And I can't wait to hear about your NaPro apt! VBS week always wears me out! Just reading about your week ahead makes me tired! We have an awesome week at a farm with our homeschool group every year. This year it was the CatChat program on the sacraments and several priests came one day to hear confessions. It was a beautiful day~I'll never forget watching my 9 yr old give his confession in an empty corncrib in the rain! The family who owns the farm is thinking about moving....I hope and pray the VBS program continues if they do decide to leave. Anyway, what a fun week!
    Christain....ahhh. I don't think it will ever get easier. Maybe the pain of it will become a bit less sharp over the years, but he is a part of your family that is not here any longer and there is just nothing easy about that. Especially in a world that expects you to only grieve a short time. Each of my babies is with me every day. Like they are tucked in my back pocket or such. They are in the very air I breath and I know there will always be a part of me that grieves for them. And, I know they are all in heaven, glorifying the Lord and pleading for my comfort. Just as Christian is doing for you. God bless you! Lisa


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