Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Cloud Nine~~~

Since our beagle dog died last month we have been trying to decide, when and what kind of dog we will get next! We all talked and decided we would get 2 dogs next time....maybe next December or some time in the spring.

We were thinking to get either a pair if Pocket Beagles or a Pocket Beagle and a Border Collie!

Over the fourth of July weekend I decided to "just browse" the Humane Society website.
OK you can stop laughing now! What was I thinking would really happen?
Needless to say I found a female 7 month old Pocket Beagle and a male Border Collie/Aussie mix up for adoption.
We waited a few days, then headed down to the pound only to find we missed the Beagle by 1 hour! She was still there on hold.....someone else got her! Drat!
But there was a bonus waiting for us when got down there.....a approx. 3 year old pure bred Border Collie had just arrived!
We were eager to visit with him in a room to see if "he was the one"!!!!!  We were told we'd need to wait for him to have a behavior assessment done first. The earliest it could be done was Thursday (today). So we drove wait!

We got the call at 5pm tonight~ The dog passed his behavior assessment!!!!!
 We are going to visit with him tomorrow and if he passes our family assessment we will bring "Jasper" home with us!
The gal on the phone asked if we have ever owned a Border Collie?
I told her No, but I have read up on and know people who own Border Collies.
They all have many kids and love their "herding" dog!
 She did asked the ages of my children and after I told her she replied, it is noted here that this dog is not a good match for families with children under 4. (the dog was licking my soon to be 3 year old daughters hands the day we first saw the dog!) HHHUUMMM????

Olivia (almost 3) keeps asking when we are bring her dogie home!
I took pictures of "Jasper" so I could show them to hubby.
I put "Jasper" as our screen we can imagine him here!

I told the gal....I have done my research about the breed and my son Nick (11 on Aug 1) will be enrolled in a dog training class with the dog. The pound gives a $50.00 rebate after completing a obedience course. Nick also might take 4H to do agility training with the new dog.
We plan to get a Border Collie regardless and we sure hope that he is the one!

The lady recanted, saying, I do think this dog will be a good match as it sounds like you fully understand the breed. I told her that I want to visit with the dog in a visiting room with all my kiddos,walk the dog on a leash and take him out into the play yard for a while before making a final decision out the dog!

Does he chase the kids?
Does he nip or bite while trying to herd?
What is his energy level?
Does he pulled when walked?
How does he react to other dogs when out of his kennel?
What is the over all temperament of this dog?

If the dog passes my test, then we will have ourselves a new dog!
Keep us in your prayers if you would. We will be disappointed if this dog does not pass MY test but do know there are other dogs out there.
We are in love with this dog but its hard know a dogs true colors with a chain link kennel between us!
I sure hope and pray he passed my test!

Ann at Eight Acres, if you are reading this what can you share with me about the breed?
I seem to recall that you have a Border Collie of some sort?

I'll keep you posted as to what happens tomorrow!

Peace and Love,

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