Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baseball~Boats and BBQ's

This weekend was busy with 5 baseball games for my oldest son. Mixed in with a BBQ/Party at the lake on July 3rd, followed by me bringing a hot dinner over to feed 13 people to the same friends house the next night (July4) It was a no fuss dinner. A large brown sack of hot baked potatoes, a pan of skinless,boneless chicken breast and thighs topped with BBQ sauce and 9 ears of oven roasted corn.
All hot from my oven and ready to eat upon my arrival!
For dessert we had a bag of white yogurt covered pretzels.

After a quick 4th of July dinner both our families (minus our Jacob...who was at a friend house) loaded onto our boats to go watch the firework show the lake puts on! It was like wrap around fire works!
When the real show started up the fireworks were right above our boat!

As most of you out there know after a busy weekend with a large family.....the house is usually a mess on Monday! Though it is really Tuesday, this is my Monday!
So I'm off to clean and tidy!

I pray you all had a safe weekend!
For the most part we did......but last night while out on my back patio sipping tea with my neighbor we discovered what could have been a holiday disaster!
Stay tuned....I hope to post tomorrow what we found!

Can you guess what it was?

Peace and Love

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