Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Highlights~

We had to clean the old dog crate because......

Good news! We got the dog!
We got the call late Thursday......our Border Collie we were interested in passed his behavior assessment! So late Friday, I took the kids (minus our oldest whom was at baseball) and met hubby to see if Jasper was the dog for us. We got to pet the dog (Seth as they named him) and really see how he responded to us! We also were allowed to take him out to the play yard and see how he acted!
He was great! After about 1 1/2hours we decided he was the dog for us!
He was micro chipped and licenced and we were soon on our way home.
I decided to take him to our vet for a check up and sign up for their plan! He was wormed, given a rabies vaccine and test for other things. All is health issues!
Nick decided to name "his" new dog Jasper! 
After arriving home last night around 7:30pm we let him check things out for about 30 minutes. Then it was off to the dogie spa! Nick and I were drenched when it was all over with!:) but the dog was shiny and clean!

Today after going to a winter veggie gardening class, out to Vietnamese food then to a new herb/tea shop with my neighbor, I took a quick nap then went on a walk with our new dog and most of my kiddos! My friend with 7 kiddos I know from church just happened to be up at the park with her family.
Their oldest daughter rides horses and the local park has an arena. All the 4H group were doing their qualifying races or what ever they are called. (I'm not a horse person)

Another highlight of my day today was seeing a gal in the herb/tea shop that I met at the new Self Reliant Club I joined. The gal was friends of the owner and we all pow-wowed for almost 30 minutes about herb tinctures and how to make them!

Well hubby took all but me and our youngest child off to the lake for boat rides and fishing off the dock! Our friends live on the lake and hubby has his boat parked there all summer.
I've had a few hours of quiet.....Olivia took a nap for a few hours. Now its time to make a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich and water my garden as the weather has finally been warm the past few days!

Peace and Love,

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  1. We also have a new dog - a Border collie/kelpie cross puppy that is my daughter's dog and her responsibility I must add! She is already good friends with our family dog Faith our faithful border collie - love these dogs they are so intelligent. Hope jasper brings you lots of joy!


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