Thursday, July 22, 2010

In The Garden~

Things in the garden are slowly coming along....I am harvesting produce! YAH!
I now have my winter broccoli planted.
 Last night Jackie came in with a double blossom Shasta daisy she found growing out front! The flowers grew fused together!

So far I have only harvested lettuces, broccoli and cauliflower over 15 pounds of each! (I had 27 plants of each type!)

Sorry my posts have been so cut and dry.....I have other things I need/want to be doing!

I woke up still feeling tired this morning, need to get my morning tea going then Jasper needs his 15 minute dog training session. And the list goes on......but I'm not complaining! Well I'm off~

Peace and Love,


  1. Congrats on the produce harvest!

    So far we've harvested blueberries (very small crop this year), strawberries and rhubarb.

    We're picking raspberries and green beans here right now.

    Our broccoli was a lost cause due to rabbit damage. We have green tomatoes growing and a few peppers are making their appearances.

    The beets and turnips are growing well and the basil and cilantro is probably ready to be harvested and dried.

    The squash and cucumbers look like they'll do well for us.

    The carrots were severely damaged by the rabbits as well. :(

  2. Oh!! Your garden looks so beautiful!! I am waiting for stuff to harvest but with this nice weather coming I'm hopeful to be picking stuff soon. You have inspired me and I think I will plant broccoli this weekend - I have such trouble with bugs - maybe winter will be better?

  3. Lovely garden! Isn't fresh produce from the yard the absolute best?


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