Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Steep Loose Leaf Tea~

The tea I made this morning was a Thai Chai.
Its a black tea full of spice!
I added organic vanilla soy Silk and a squirt of organic agave nectar!

Measure 1 teaspoon of loose tea and put it in a glass container with pour spout!
I do have a tea medal tea ball but find I get better use of my tea leaves (they have better contact with the water) when I just let them float in the water freely...then strain the leaves out! Cramming tea into the ball would not allow the tea to give you its all!
Pour hot (not boiling) water over tea leaves. (boiling water will burn your tea!
Let steep for 3-4 minutes.
Pour steeped tea through a bamboo or medal strainer and into your cup or mug! Enjoy!

You can get several steepings from your tea save them for your afternoon tea!
You would not want to save them for another day, as they might mold!

Water temperature and steep times very depending on the kind of tea you are making!
If your water is to hot or you steep to long, you end up with a bitter tasting cup of tea.

Note: loose leaf tea should be stored in a cool dark place. Not in plastic bags as seen in the picture.
I need to transfer my teas into another container. Medal containers are preferred storage vessel, as glass lets light in. Never put tea bags or loose teas in the freezer in the hopes to "keep your tea fresh"....the moisture will cause molding. Just have a tea party with lots of friends and serve it all up!

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