Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tea Tasting 101~

For $5.00 a local tea shoppe held a class on what the different kinds of teas are and how to steep them.
We got to taste 15 kinds of teas!
Many flavors of
White tea,Green tea,Black tea~
Oolong, Pu-reh, Mate~
Herbal and Rooibos~

We learned how tea leaves are processed and that White,Green and Black tea all comes from the same plant, just processed differently!

We learned the health benefits of the different teas~ 
 steep times and water temps that are best for the different kinds of loose leaf teas~

Fresh teas have a taste that nothing else can compare to.
We learned you should NEVER but dairy in your tea.
(it makes the good things in the tea not do its job)
Soy and Almond milk are fine to use.

After our tea class my friend and I shopped for some tea, ate lunch at my favorite cafe, then shopped for some vintage clothes at a antique shop.

Peace and Love


  1. That class sounds like excellent value for money. My daughter has a book from the library 'The Story of Tea' A Cultural History and Drinking Guide , it is one hefty volume! I have tried lots of teas but I still love a cup of black Ceylon tea with real milk but no sugar - sorry cannot stand soy milk in tea. That's the British coming out in me. I always buy Dilmah tea, I like the ethics of this family company and notice a big difference in flavour when I try other blended teas. Weak, insipid hospital canteen tea is awful stuff! I would have loved to have joined you on this excursion!

  2. That sounds like soooo much fun!


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