Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is That Blue Skies I See?.......

Or Dad's new blue truck with the chrome package?

Hubby has been in need of a newer truck for quit a few years now!
His beloved old black Silverado truck had seen better days.
It had a cracked windshield, a missing E-brake handle....and the driver side door was broken.
The driver had to wind the electric windows down reach out to pull up the outside handle to let themselves out! DANGEROUS was the way I see it!  The leather seats were tore up and it had well over 200 thousand miles on it!

We needed a roomier truck that could seat 6 (not 5) and that had 4 doors not just 3 like the Silverado! Our older boys needed more leg room in the back! Momma needed stepups or nerf bars as guys will call them! (there are other crew cab trucks with more backseat leg room than the Dodge Ram......the truck we got!....but we are happy about the seat design itself!

 Hubby had my blessing to get himself a new (used) truck! 
My man works hard for his family and I now feel better about his safety on his commute to and from work!  The broken door handle on the old truck did not sit well with me!

Hubby thought he would get another Silverado and did not think he would see himself driving a blue truck!
We looked and looked and could not find something in our price range!
So on a Chevy car lot we found a Dodge Ram that met all our specs.
We knew the owners of the lot and got a deal.....they made it fit our price range!
We have no payments.......new  truck = payed in FULL!

After Hubby washed his Silverado one last time he drove it down to the Chevy lot.
We used it as a trade in on the new truck.
Dad really loved his Black truck:(
He is already missing it!

Peace and Love,


  1. That is soooo exciting... especially when it is paid in full!!!!! It is a very nice blue:-)

  2. That picture of the girls washing their dad's new truck is so cute! American cars seem so big though! We call them utes here - short for utility and they are favoured by men as they can go to the hardware store and throw stuff on the back. Or in the case of my son - a surfboard, his first car is a ute.

  3. Well considering the weather around here lately - I knew right away that it must be a new truck and NOT blue skies =) !! Congratulations - how nice to know your hubby is safe during his drives - and how nice to find something that fits the family!! My hubby's car needs works badly - so we send him off with prayers that it will hold up a bit longer. God is good and I know He will meet the needs :0)!!!


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