Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fetching Eggs For Fathers Day Breakfast

As a momma of many, I just love to watch my girls cookin' in the kitchen! Its always a pleasure to see Jackie and Olivia work so well together. I stand back and direct them as to what to do! Sadly many times I see parents not wanting/willing to let the kids in the kitchen. Cooking with Little's can be a bit messy but sssooo worth it!
I can't wait to see how my girls blossom in the kitchen over the next 10 years!
My 5 year old has already much experience under her belt!

If you ask any of my kiddos "What does a good cook always do?" they will say

~Peace and Love~


  1. Your girls look so cute in their gum boots which do not match! My twin girls are forever mixing up their boots - one will have two left boots, the other two right but the funniest is when they put on one sandal and one boot - one for each season!
    Allowing your girls into the kitchen is going to pay dividends. My 15 year old daughter now has years of experience and is our chief dessert maker... I sometimes feel redundant! At our last library visit she was searching the shelves for Julia Child's mighty volume. She is investing in good cake tins and whisks and has signed up for a cake decorating course next month. Her younger sister is also growing in confidence and is a wonderful helper at home.
    Looks like your girls are great little helpers too, it is worth the mess in these early years and they soon learn to clean up after themselves if you are there showing them how.

  2. I always love to see your know that! So fun! :)


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