Thursday, June 10, 2010

If you don't like the weather wait 5 mintues!

All these pictures were taken in the same hour!

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest if you don't like the weather just wait a minute or so!

(after my salmon dinner) I finally took Noah (who will be 8 tomorrow) to play a make up baseball game!  Most of this seasons games were cancelled because of RAIN!
It seems here where I live the weather has been mostly rain this spring with the sun peaking its nose out every once in a while.  (It been hard for us gardeners too)
Noah played his game on one of my favorite fields.  I can see the play ground AND the ball game!
Sitting in my  cozy poke-a- dotted chair I sipped warm chia tea from my old glass jar and watch Jackie go ALL the way across the monkey bars a zillion times and later find rocks she wanted to pack home in my empty jar! I watched Noah slam the ball into out field and run the bases! He is an awesome short stop!

On the way back to the truck after the game, I saw a bee buzzing around these beautifull roadies.
I love the sweet sound........bbbbbzzzz! Music to my gardening ears!
I snapped a few pictures, unable to get one of the bee........then it started to pour down rain!
So off we all ran for the truck and headed home!  It was time for a fat slice of warm blackberry pie al a mode!

Peace and Love,

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