Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its A Good Thing~

Whats a good thing you may ask?

Well for me it is fresh rolls with peanut sauce and bubble tea full coconut jelly from a Vietnamese place in town.
The taste of farm fresh raspberries......made into low sugar jam before they all go eaten!

My last picture is of the $15.00 treasure I found at last weekends Estate sale, that too is a good thing!
This bed frame is a double!
One of my boys has this same bed only in a twin size and I payed $75.00 for it! So this was quit a deal!
As I was leaving the sale, heading back to the car.....the bed frame jumped out at me! I was so excited!

Also.... today I was hoping to see a friend of mine one last time before she moved. With a card and a large jar of my homemade strawberry jam (made last week) in hand, I walked through the picket gate and down the sidewalk to what was my old friends house! I knocked on the door and the lady who answered said I had just missed her by a day! But being the friendly gal I am....her and I got to talking. It seemed natural to ask her if she would enjoy the jam? She was thrilled to except and invited me plus 5 of my 6 kiddos whom had with me to step inside! Her and I chatted it up for about 30 minutes or so.  She wanted my phone # and said she looks forward to having me over again....with all my kiddos! She wants them to meet her grand kids!
My new friend Linda said, she was glad my friend was not there.....because she gained a new friend!

God has really showed his blessing to me this week!
God is good and has blessed me with much, for that I am truly thankful!

Well I'm off to bed to read some new books I bought from church!

Peace and Love,


  1. I know the jam was for someone else but I think God intended you to be a day late! I love it when things like this happen and I love to meet people who are not scared off by 5 or more children and are prepared to invite them inside their home. May you be a blessing in her life!

  2. What a lovely surprise! New friends...yay!


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