Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strawberry Farm and Cutest Lil' Gift Shoppe!

Yesterday while out driving my oldest son over to a friends house with the girls in tow, I decided to stop in at a local farm and pick up a few flats of strawberries to make some jam! Last night I burned the midnight oil and made two batches of strawberry jam!  (I will post about that tomorrow!)

The farm were I purchased my berries has the sweetest gift shoppe!

I just love a good gift shop! Don't you?
My heart goes pitter patter as my eyes feast on all the clever displays!
I was a good girl and left my money in my orange swade purse!

Well on a different note......yesterday was the hottest and dryest day we have had ALL spring or summer!  After a quick stroll through my lil' ole garden I discovered, my poor garden is not as grown as it should be. I think my String beans and Cranberry beans stopped growning after just sprouting because of lack of sun and way to much rain! :( So I will go out today and poke a few more seeds in the ground! My zucchini plant is the same size as it was when I put it in the ground  5 weeks ago! (about 8 inches long) I had to buy zucchini at the store yesterday! How sad is that?
My broccoli on the other hand was harvested  for a second time yesterday! An awesome yield!

Today the Self Reliant club is coming over to my place to make mini-green house frames (4x5).
I will be making the hopes of a small winter garden! So I'm off to mop my kitchen floor and clear off my dining table......its a real mess from last nights Jam making session!

Did I mention yesterday was one of the hottest days we have had this season?
So as you can imagine the house got a bit warm.....a normal thing to have happen right?
The upstairs of my house can stay really warm making it hard to sleep. I look forward to coming down stairs in the morning to a house that has cooled to 63 degrees or less. Then I close every thing up and it stays fairly cool in the house for most of the day!

I was shocked last night to awake at 2:20 am to the sound of the heater going! Upstairs I was sweating like a pig at Luau!
All my kids slept down stairs were it is always cooler! The windows were wide open and the heater was cranked. The thermostat read 70 degrees! eeekkkk! My kids WILL be plumed up on leaving the heater alone!

Well I'm off to make my morning tea and toast with
 Homemade Strawberry Jam!

I pray everyone is having a beautiful day!

~Peace and Love~

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