Thursday, June 3, 2010

Victory In My Garden!

Last week I harvested my red leaf lettuce and Swiss chard.
(just clip what you need and more grows back)
This week I will be harvesting my broccoli.
(the pic below of the broccoli was taken 2 weeks ago and is much bigger now)

Last night I went to a Self Reliance meeting and met a cool group of folks....
some are local farmers
some are awesome gardeners
a few are bee keepers
some know how to dehydrate food well
some can share seed saving knowledge
one gal is starting a farmers market in our local area!
The group is full of knowledgeable folks willing share what they know!

My goal of gaining knowledge for and making a cold frame or small green house is now underway!
I will have a winter garden this year!
The Self Reliance Club I joined will be coming to my home to hold a make and take clinic for the small tent frames for use on raised beds! The cost is about $15.00  for each 4x6 tent. (I want 4).
Others will make theirs and take them home!
I can't wait!

Happy Gardening!

~Peace and Love~


  1. Ooo broccoli, I love it! Any tips for growing it? I've heard that bugs tend to love hanging out inside it, so it's hard to clean?

  2. The Self Reliance Group sounds so neat!

    I'm also amazed at how different our growing seasons are. I'm just planting my garden and yours is ready for harvest. :)

    Take care,



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