Monday, June 14, 2010

On A Summers Day~

I just realized ALL but my oldest kiddo is pictured in one frame!

Over the weekend Mr. Sun made a very nice appearance! The weatherman said, "the ford (or is it fort)cast is for sunny skies the next 10 days!"
With flowers and children beginning to wilt in the warm rays, we needed to bust out the kiddy pool and the tube of sun screen! Yipee! (we need to get our large pool set up if the weather stays nice!)
We slurped on cold watermelon and chomped on grilled cheesy hot dogs! Oh and all the Otter pops I just bought are gone too!
This weekend......
My kitchen floors were lined with towels to keep wet kiddos from slipping. My yard was FULL of Otter pop trash! (The kiddos had to clean it all up)
I finally gave up saying "Please do not come in the house all dripping wet!"

Since the girls I could not find the girls bathing suits they used their clothes to swim in. Olivia would not keep her clothes on! (we are trying to teach modesty) She would sit in the grass and start striping down! I was able to make her keep her undies on at least!.....I will be looking for their swimsuits today!
Little Miss Jackie blew through almost 1/2 her pack of new undies. They have the days of the week on them.(a learning thing)  She opened her new pack Sunday morning about I gave her the Sunday ones to wear! By late afternoon she told me she was on Wednesday! So I checked the new bag and sure enough she had gone through 4 pair of  her new panties! EEKKK!
Both girls went through about 5 outfits each.....all in one day!

There are piles of wet towels and clothes every where..... bathrooms,living room,bedrooms,even the back yard!           
6 kids + swimming season = a ton of laundry!
All a sure sign summer has begun!

Well like most Mondays around our looks like a tornado blew though!

My to do list for today:

5 loads of laundry
3 loads of dishes
clean out fridge
clean All 3 bathrooms
declutter kitchen table
(I need to change the table cloth)
general tidy up
sweep kitchen floors

The schedule is busy here ALL week!

We have 5 baseball games
A cub scouts awards
2 dentist apt's
1 Dr. apt.

I pray everyone had a good all must have been busy basking in the nice weather, as no one came by my blog!
(with the weather so nice I did not go on the computer either!)

~Peace and Love~

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  1. Very busy and hot weekend here too! Trying to catch up and stay cool today!


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