Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tee-Pee In The Garden!

Yesterday, we had fairly descent weather here in the Pacific Northwest. So after making a salad from organic spinach I recieved from one of my new friends I met at our towns Self Reliance Meeting, Olivia and I finished up some planting while Jackie and Noah played chess/checkers. Both trying to remember the rules for both! :D

This year our family garden will feature a life size Tee-Pee.
It will act as a trellis for our:

Rattle Snake Beans
Scarlet Runner Bean
Garden Peas
Asparagus Bean
and a few Telephone Peas I tried to start and transplant

We also planted Sweet Corn flanking what will be the door way!
I decided not to cut the door opening until the plants are well established.....when I
do cut the door I can tie the loose ends to the corn. (that's the plan anyway)
I hope by the end of July it will be ready? Our weather has been very rainy the past month!

Olivia had a great time planting and scooping up our empty transplanting cups with a shovel with her sister off doing something else! Olivia really enjoyed the one on one time. She likes to take her time and was glad to not have her sister rushing her along!

I hope you will follow our blog and see how our garden grows this year!

What are you planting in your garden this year?
Are you trying something new?
Leave me a comment I'd love to know!

~Peace and Love~

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