Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making Mini-Green Houses~

We all grabbed some cool iced tea and started in......

The other night I hosted a make and take clinic over at my place~

A few folks from the Self Reliant Club came over to make mini-green houses to cover their garden beds! I made 2 of these cute little houses! I plan to use them this winter! My goal is to have a winter garden....! My daughters aka mommas lil' garden helpers were out back helping piece together the cut PVC parts!
(Cut from (3) 10 foot sticks)

Wayne the leader/founder of the Self Reliant group brought the plans and materials.
The cost was $15.00 for each one we built!
We cut and pieced every thing together!
After we were through with construction, I severed up some tofu,garlic,cilantro dip with wheat thins and some homemade tomato basil bisque!

Rhonda brought her little was nice to have a dog in the yard again! We miss our dog,Benson!
My son Jacob followed Rhonda's dog all around the yard......boy wants a dog again!

(the dog is part wiener dog and something else)

I think we will wait a year! That's the plan anyways! lol
Hubby wants a Beagle again....I want a border collie (black and white)!

Tomorrow I will post the results of my blood stay tuned!

Peace and Love~

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