Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was caught...... dreamin' in the garden!

Last week after a yummy salmon dinner and some pie, hubby caught me day dreamin' in the garden!
That is one of HIS favorite parts of the family garden,as well as watching me pull weeds! lol
I am the one that usually has the camera in hand. But this night as I stood in dream land I could hear the sound of my camera as hubby took my picture!

On another note:

With all the rain we have had lately my garden is off to a slow start but give it about 4 weeks and I bet it will be like night and day!

Last nights baseball game was drizzled on and off, the sun came out a few times and it was not to terribly chilly.
This morning it seems a bit colder than yesterday so after I retrieve my crock pot off the side of the house and scrape out the moldy pinto beans. I will make a large crock of taco soup for dinner tonight.
If you are wondering why my crock ended up on the side of the house....its because my hubby did not want to put the left over beans in a smaller dish, so he put the whole crock out side! He said,it was cold enough to keep. I was not going to serve food that was out all night to anyone! They never got brought in and its been about a week. Its ugly now! But whats a woman to do? I need my crock back!

So as I sit looking out my kitchen window, I can see rain pouring down. I pray it lets up long enough for me to get the job done!

I was wondering?.........Does anyone out there have Hillbilly ways that have been passed down from your husbands side of the family? lol  :) If so chime in and let me know. I sure could use the laugh!

Anyone with a good crock pot story?

Peace and Love,

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