Monday, June 21, 2010

Pondering Thoughts~

I had an awesome weekend! The new Self Reliant Club I just joined had a wonderful
 "tour of gardens" the group leader organized! What was ssssoooo cool about the tour was it was a progressive tour of 7 gardens, all from members of the club that live right in my back yard!.......I hope to post soon of my days adventure.

So this Monday I have pondering thoughts..........

Will God bless our family with another child?
If so how long do I have to wait?

Today is the last day of school for my teenagers......what do I want my summer with them to look like?
Meal planning,chores,TV,computer and video game time allowance for them.
The rhythm the house will change after today!

Will my garden have a chance with ALL the rain we have had?
I can't wait to make the mini-green houses (2). They will be helpful in starting my winter garden!

Will I have my house clean before the group comes at the end of the week to make the green houses?
Its a make and take workshop the Self Reliant Group leader is holding at my house!

Well, I go to the lab for my blood test today.
The farm supply store just called to let me know my 2 little Indian Runner ducks are in!
(I got 2 females ducks a few months was supposed to be a male and female.......the male finally has I had to get a fourth duck so he's not lonely while in the house for about 6 weeks!)

Peace and Love,


  1. I just love garden tours - it is always inspiring to see what other people are growing in their backyards - I used to like the formal 'neat' gardens filled with flower borders. Today I much prefer the wild, rambling productive gardens that feed families! Do share about your garden tour - how self reliant were some of gardens?
    Do have a lovely week and enjoy your summer days in the garden.
    We are in winter and the mornings are cool but days are sunny and quite warm. I am enjoying my newly installed wood stove(an old one!) and even baked some bread rolls in it yesterday. I will write a post soon about it - it is something I always dreamed of having in my home!

  2. I just have to say that I love seeing the pictures you take of your children! They are so adorable (even the bigger ones, but especially the little girls).

    I'm also wondering if we'll be blessed with another child and when it will come to us. I've only had my cycle back two months now, but the biological clock is really ticking for me (I'm 42 and will be 43 in August).

    Take care!


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