Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tis The Season~

for the over priced ice-cream truck to come down our block......all summer long!

Buying from the ice-cream guy can be fun and a treat every once in a while......but not 5 days a week!
The cheapest frozen pop is $1.00 add that x 6 kids each for 5 days (which will never happen) = $30.00 a week! eekkk!
Sometimes we get a few ice-cream vendors down our street! As many a 3 in a day!
The music sends my kids into a trance like state! They all run to fetch their money.....or ask to borrow money before the truck drives off playing his music!

Its like me on garbage day!.......I hear the truck behind the house and go running out there to see if the can got put out! I get anixious about it! Most days when I look and the can is out......hubby remembered on his way out to work! (I am OCD about having to look that the can is out when I hear the truck that one time I decided NOT to look to see if the can was out!) I was soooo proud of myself! But guess what???
The can had not been put out by hubby so we had to wait another week for a pick up!!!!!

Peace and Love~

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