Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Noah!

    My youngest son Noah is 8!                             
For his birthday we decided to let him pick out a new bike....his bike from last year got stolen:{ !
Since today is FULL of appointments and other stuff, my Littles (Noah,Jackie and Olivia) and I
went yesterday to Walmart to let him get his Birthday Bike and his Birthday Cereal!
I rearly buy sugary cereal......but a tradition in our house is: everyone for their B-day gets to pick ANY box of cereal they want.
(I'm to refrain from gently telling them the store brand would be cheaper)lol

As part of this post I was going to put a cool hyper-link to the story of his birth......but after searching for it I realized I never finished writing my birth stories! (I think I only got to the first 3.....of 6.)
So I will have to work on that!

Oh.....I asked Noah what he wanted for his special birthday dinner?!
He answered TOP RAMEN! He said, Mom you never buy it anymore!
That is true I rarely buy it. Its is high in sodium and though it is cheap.....they seem to waste it!
They make way to much and if it does not get eatten right away it gets mushy!
My kids also like to eat it dry (crushed up) and it ends up every where!
My bed,the couch,rug,patio......mix with rain...not good!lol

Tonight if the rain holds off  we have 3 kids with baseball games!
 (yesterdays game was rained out for the 4th time)
Top Ramen will be a quick and easy dinner birthday dinner!

Did I ever mention going to the store is loaded with home school opportunities?
My girls love to bargain shop. At the pre-school level they can learn their numbers.
They love to count out produce and weigh it.
They love to help with ringing up our stuff.
 (when we are fortunate enough to get out of the store with only a few things!lol)

Older kiddos can write out the shopping list (spelling test)
Weigh what is the better buy.

We all get to practice self-control and patience! lol

Well I'm off to start my busy day!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Peace and Love,

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