Monday, July 19, 2010

Outside Fun~

Life here at the BLUEBIRD Cottage has been quite busy lately.
Busy in a good way though....gardening,reading to the kiddos,training our new dog and going on play dates. Oh and there is church picnics,bbq's at friends houses, baseball games to watch and just sit in the back yard and watch the kiddos swim in the pool or play in the yard!

Soon there will be 2 back to back weeks of VBS to work at and attend with all 6 kiddos!
Football practices will be starting up in a few weeks for 2 of my boys,my uncle is coming for a 2 week long visit, (I need to get started with cleaning up the house!) and there are a few dentist and ortho appointment to finish before school starts in the fall!

I have not had much time to blog as often as I would like (just every few days) and I have not had time to read and see what all my blog friends have been up to and leave comments.
I do keep you all in my daily prayers!

 and a few more gals that I don't know there names off hand.... I just pray for their struggles and their joys,new babies and for good health and daily family life! :)

Peace and Love,


  1. Its amazing how busy we get with just every day life!! So glad you are getting time to just sit and watch the kids play in the backyard - I love time like that!!! Summer goes by so fast doesn't it? I know I need to start thinking about school pretty soon - I just don't want to :0)!! Have a great week!!


  2. Training a dog - yes I know exactly what you are talking about!
    Georgiann - I am having a giveaway just for my friends in the US and Canada to celebrate my 100th post - it is a gift card so you can put it towards anything you like at the online store. 1 day left to enter - so do pop over and enter.

  3. We are extra busy here as well.

    Very cute dress... on a very cute girl;-)


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