Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scary To Think.........

....that while we were off at the lake on the 3 and 4th of July, our house could have gone up in flames!
It was not until the 5th of July when I had my friend/neighbor over for a evening cup of tea on my back porch. As we were coming out to sit and watch the kiddos play on the sports court my neighbor asks.... So whats with the fire here?
Paying only 1/2 attention, trying to get out the door without spillin' my hot tea, not even seeing what she was talking about. I said, I don't know?
She (Debbie) said, looks like some one was playing with matches?!
Only then do I look over at what she was asking me about and to my horror, my picket gate piece I use as decoration on my patio by the back door was very burnt! As was my favorite pink garden clog.....melted~ along with what ever else I had sitting out by the back door?

Our kiddos decided it would be fun to play detective.  They looked for and wrote down clues to how and what might have started the fire.
Since we did not light off fire works......and from the clues found, we surmise it was....

Coronal Mustard with the candle stick in the conservatory!

All kidding aside,
From clues collected by the kids, we all think the fire started from a stray mortar shell shot off by the people on the road behind our house. My tea drinking neighbor friend was around for the 4th concurred, there were people on the back road lighting off fire works.

Our house could have burnt down!

 We were back home late that night. We could have been asleep inside. I was sssooo tired that night as we got home late both the 3rd and 4th of July! I could have slept right through any smoldering fire!
God was certainly watching over us! I am very thankful!

There was about $150.00 in damage.  A few thing by the back door that got totally burned.... I don't even remember what all was there.
I'm glad the radio my son had plugged in was not damaged. Being it was plugged in could have caused a secondary electrical fire that would have burned the house down!

Life is precious and can change for better or worse in just seconds without notice!
 Don't take things for granted!

I am thankful that the damage was minimal and that no one was hurt!

Fire works are dangerous and well.....

I pray everyone had a safe holiday!

Peace and Love,


  1. Georgiann,
    Glad to know that you are safe!!

    Which Mt. is that in your picture of your 4th celebration? I love the upper West Coast!!


  2. Oh Georgiann Thanking God that He was watching over your home and more importantly the precious people who reside there. Here in Australia the sales of fireworks are restricted to the public especially during summer when the risk of bushfire is high. It is winter here now and not far from us a house was gutted by fire just the other day. As a teenager my husband's family home burned to the ground as a result of an electrical fault. They lost everything but no one was home at the time except for their dog who raced several miles across paddocks to the neighbours and raised the alarm by barking incessantly - her actions prevented the fire spreading to the farm cottage.
    Looks like you will need a new pair of clogs !


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