Friday, July 29, 2011

Broken crayons made new again~

For our family the end of July/beginning of August is when we take inventory of our school supplies.
Do we need more paints,crayons,pens or pencils?
With school supply sales at the local stores starting to make their way onto sales flyer's. And some unadvertised sales I have been seeing while grocery shopping. Its time to make a game plan and a list of what we will need in our upcoming school year.

After taking inventory I discovered that we had many broken crayons. 
(scattered through out the house none the less)
 I  decided the other morning to have my girls peel the paper off the old broken crayons so we could melt them down into a new round swirly ones. My daughter Jackie (6) only lasted 10 minutes with the task. It seemed the paper was to much of a chore for her. Olivia on the other hand sat there at the dining room table for about 1 1/2 hours peeling the paper off the crayons. 
After she had been there for 45 minutes I told her she did not have to
finish the job. Though she looked tired.....because of being on our summertime/dad has been home bed time schedule Olivia continued on.
(We will be getting our fall bed time schedule in order soon......that's another post.)

Olivia has always really liked to sit and work with her hands...

This year I will only have Olivia (almost 4) home for "home school".
Her and I are now planing and going over what we want our school year to look like together.
I can't wait! The two of us are going to have a great time together.

The rest of my kiddos will be attending our local schools.
That being said, our family has a home school way of life when they are home.

What do your kiddos do with their time when they are home?
What do they view on TV? What music do they listen to?
What do you talk with them about?
Do you spend quality time with your kids?
Learning happens all the time......
There are all sorts of teachable moments in daily life.
Do you seize the moment or keep waiting for the next one to come around before deciding to jump in?

I hope to post again over the weekend.

Next week I will be quite busy with yet another VBS and probley to tired to post??? We'll see?

I forgot to mention after the crayons were in the tray we warmed them in the oven at 225 for about 10 minutes or so.
We put them in the freezer to cool. It made them easy to "pop" out of the mini muffin tin.

Peace and Joy for a productive day~


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