Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day One and Two::: Ritzville City Park


Here are the pictures I promised....I know you have really been waiting on the edge of your seat for them......hee hee sigh****
Oh come on humer me!!!
I know that I am the worlds worst writer and my post are not always that interesting but I'm working on it.
(I am now laughing and rubbing my eyes. Tired from getting up with hubby....his first day back to work after being layed off. I only have 10 more minutes to post before quickly getting ready to meet my sister for breakfast in small town USA. I will do my best to make this interesting)

My son Jacob is climbing the city water tower.....I guess a 14yr old likes the big climby toys!

Nick and Noah



This picture was taken on the 2nd day......We were packed up to leave Riztville. We had an hour to kill before leaving to pick up Jarett our oldest son (that is rarely in my pictures). He was at football camp an hour drive away but could not get picked up until 12:00 noon.
Then we had a 4 hour drive after that to get to Libby MT.

Back to the story.......

Jacob thought it would be funny to spin the merry go round fast enough to have his brother Nick fly off into the very large and deep mud puddle. (pictured above) 
Did I mention we had already checked out of our hotel???
Clean up was real fun in the small metal sink at the park.
His shoes were FULL of mud on the inside!!!!

Jacob swinging high so he can kick the branches of the tall oak!

Stay tune for more vacation pictures!

Peace Love and Joy,

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