Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Diaper Stash Pictures!

All these diapers are adjust to fit pocket diapers!

These Econobum diaper covers each came with an unbleached Indian prefold and are adjust to fit. They ended up costing $4.50 for each set (BOGO)
I also got some double thick terri wash clothes by Momma something another?????

My stash also includes 2 organic hemp doubler's
 5 adjust to fit pocket diapers in white by Hugabuns ($5.00 each)
 Bummis Original Whisper Wrap and a Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper in Melon (small),
 a Bumkins stuff it diaper in butterfly print adjust to fit pocket diaper
 3 small DreamEZE AIO's 2 in blackberry, 1 in mandarin and lastly a Sugar Peas wool snap in diaper.

I also still have a bunch of other stuff from years gone by.....and some other new stuff but for an older baby!

Whats in your stash?

If you feel like sharing and/or want to link up to your diaper stash post, do so in the comments box!
I'd love to see your stuff! :)



  1. Oh dear! I have the very old fashioned diaper service style diapers with pins and nylon pants to cover. Right now I confess to using disposables - my sis gave me a huge box as a gift and after doing diapers for 22 years off and on (mostly on) I am truly enjoying not having a diaper pail in my bathroom :)!! I may not go back hehehe!!


  2. Honeyboys!! All the way!!! Love 'em!! I was going to sew them myself and have the pattern but just never had the time. Then I never had anymore babies!! :-(

    I bought mine used on eBay and used them for for Son #6. Sadly you can't buy or sell used diapers on eBay anymore.

    We always used disposable for the first couple of weeks.

    Happy Easter!! <3


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