Monday, April 9, 2012

Lovin' Every Minute Of It!

I love love being pregnant!
Here I am at 30wks.

It has been a true joy having my girls feel our baby kick and wiggle within me!
We felt a foot....the heel and toes! sigh***
The girls were so amazed!
Its such a special gift for them to feel the life within me!
My boys are interest somewhat, but not as much as my 2 youngest girls!
I love that we are making such great memories together with our new baby and he/she is not even out yet!


Pregnancy Update!

This week I will be meeting with my Doula (same gal I used with my last birth).
We will talk about my birth plan for this birth.

I took the 3 hr diabetic screen a few weeks ago and it came back as a NO I do not have diabetes!
But I did have an elevated blood sugar level at the 2hr mark.
You must have 2 elevated numbers to have a formal diagnosis for gestational diabetis.
Though I formally do not have GD my OB wants me to talk with a dietitian
(if my insurance covers it) to see if we can grow a smaller baby!?
My last 3 babies were all over 10#.  
Olivia (my last baby) was delivered 4 days early with an induction and was 10# 11oz

I have also started taking 2 of my calcium magnesium zinc pills instead of 1 and have been drinking about 4 cups of Red Raspberry leaf tea a day!
I now buy it in the bulk section of Fred Myers.
I have not had anymore leg cramps!!! Yeah!

My blood pressure is great,
and I have only gained 22# so far!

My progesterone levels are fine now that I take 400mg a day in pill form.
I was taking 200mg and my levels dipped down for a week.
Things are good now!
I also take a low dose blood thinner injection each night and I'm supposed to be wearing my compression stockings during the day. (I do some of the time) ssshhh don't tell my doctor!

I go every 2 weeks now to see my OB!
(so I go next week)

I can't believe this pregnancy has gone by so fast!
The girls and I spent this weekend cleaning and taking all of my clothes out of the baby crib and washing all the linins and sheep skin!
(the crib was my clean clothes bin) lol sigh****

Peace and Love,


  1. Wow, I like your dress! It looks gorgeous with your beautiful round belly! And I love the image of your daughters and you touching the belly to feel the kicks! I hope I remember to come back and read further.

  2. Wanted to check to see how things are going. Looks like very well. Wow 30 weeks already. Can't believe you had a 10lb 11oz baby. You are a champ! So happy for you.

  3. My girlfriend is named Georgiann. We googled her name and GOD BLESS, look what transpired. We learned a little about you and the fam! Keep on tiddly winkin :) sonofsaf


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