Monday, April 23, 2012

They said I did not have it!

But I do!

I have had to take the 3hr gestational diabetes test for my last 4 pregnancies (that includes this one)
I was told that I did not have gestational diabetes each time. But it seems that I grow very large babies.
My last little one (Olivia) was induced 4 days early and was 10#11oz!
So this go round my OB wanted me to "talk" to the dietitian. But when I got to my appointment last Thursday, the gal was picking out my blood sugar test meter! So much for talk! I have to check my blood sugar 4x a day and pee on the keto stick in the morning! My ketone have been above normal.
Which means I need to eat more a snack in the middle of the night!
Even though my OB said, I do not have GD my blood sugar has been a tad high now that I check it 4x a day even though I have been on the strict diet! If I were still eating like I normally would be eating my blood sugar would be through the roof!

Our hope is to grow a smaller baby thus not needing to be induced early!

I have lost 2# since my last appointment but other than that all is well with myself and baby!
I go to see my OB every 2 weeks now and I go see the dietitian again this week.

This diet is worse than weight watchers! But I know it is short term and will be best for myself and baby!
I was told NO sugar!!!!!! NONE NADA ZILCH!

I am a girl that loves her sweets! And the day after getting my new diet and meter my daughter Jackie won 12 gourmet cupcakes.........each a different flavor from Jubilee Cupcakes! I have to admit I have cheated but only have 1/4 of a cupcake in the evening.

Oh on another note:

I met with my doula and she told me about a drug used to induce labor called Cytotec it allows you to use the tub,walk and use the birthing ball during labor.
Unlike Pitocin that you have to be stuck in the bed! I like the idea of the Cytotec and being able to move around......but not sure how safe that drug is?

Does anyone have an opinion about the labor inducing drug Cydotec?
My OB told me it is harder to back Cytotec off if need be because its a pill not a drip but said he would use it on me if I want it! (If I need to be induced because of babys size that hope is this diabetic diet will grow a smaller baby so that he/she can pick their own birthday!

Only time will tell how this will play out!

Did I tell you that my due date is the same day my oldest son graduates from high school?
This should be very interesting to say the least!



  1. Georgiann,
    Great to hear that everything is progressing so well!!! Love those belly pics!! :-)

    If you don't know (I'm sure you do!) GD is a big precursor to type 2 diabetes. I had is with some of my children but not all and none in a row. Go figure. But now I have full blown type 2. :-( If I could go back in time I certainly would curtail all of the sweets binging that I did. But not only that. I'd do away with so many of those comfort carbs that I can no longer have now anyway. Then maybe I wouldn't have to be on medication now! I know that there are some really hard things that I could do to reduce or eliminate the meds but like I said, they're really hard. :-(

    Please take care of yourself!!! Praying you'll have a wonderful birth!! <3


  2. I was very pregnant at my oldest son's graduation - ans since he was homeschooled our co-op had the parents walk and hand our children their diplomas. It was funny to waddled over and hug ny big boy with my preggo belly. I was the only pregnant mom there hahaha - with Noami's birth we had to miss my middle son's guitar recital she came on that day - thankfully Sam did not mind at all - in fact he was thrilled - hehehe I'm glad all is well and I am praying for you

  3. I was diagnosed this time with GD. I have not done much as I had cut out most sugar already. 4 times a day a lot of testing. My numbers were so close to normal that I am not too worried. J and I always have big babies. There have always been so healthy. I don't see an issue. Oh well I visit with the diet people on Friday. Not happy about that.


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