Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun In The City!

This weekend my oldest son Jarrett had baseball both Saturday and Sunday. (2 games each day) So while hubby was with Jarett I decided to take the kids to the zoo....both days! hee hee

The zoo is in the city and sits nestled along the ocean. With its breath taking views and much to do we were so there! The zoo and surrounding area is filled with parks,rose gardens, a five mile drive, a beach and a marina with a ferry dock among other things!

The zoo has fun shows watch and interesting animals to see! We are members so why not do 2x!

We always see wild raccoons on the 5 mile drive! Its totally thrilling!

Noah's favorite animal was the scorpion!

The parakeets that you can feed and have land on your hand was a BIG hit for all of us!

The sharks and the peacock we saw were a good time too!

The peacock did not like Jackie's brightly colored dress! It came at her with his full headdress open and a few hisses! It was very entertaining and she was not at all scared!

I liked walking through the Asian is filled with bamboo and lovely flowers!

We got to listen to a talk and watch a tiger get fed.....that was cool!

I love the elephants!

For a cheap souvenir we were on a mission to collect all the different flattened penny things!

It takes 2 quarters and a penny. The penny gets flattened and stretched and indented with the zoo name and a animal picture on it! There were 3 machines spread thought out the park and each had 3 designs!

There are several of those machines at the wild life park by our house! So we have found our selves a cheap new hobby! So now anytime we go some place we will be armed with quarters and pennies!

After our trip to the zoo we met up with hubby and Jarett for dinner out both nights! Yes! Dinner out two nights in a row in the BIG city!

We went to the Spaghetti Factory the first night and to the Rock Pizza the second night! Yummo!

Now today will be spent recuperating and cleaning house! I must weed the garden, do some laundry....ok a lot of laundry(hee hee), bake bread, and cook a nice dinner!

Pork chops with onions and apples in a cider gravy with mashed potatoes (sweet potatoes are not here now or I would use them) Its a nice FALL dinner and we have had overcast cool and rainy weather for the past few weeks so I was in the mood for it!

My garden is lovin' the weather especially my cabbage and cauliflower!

I will post some pictures of my Rambling Garden tomorrow!

Now I'm off to work and deal with a stray dog the neighbor just dumped in my backyard!

Oh I almost forgot I have a prayer request. One of the boys on my sons baseball team was hit in the back with a ball last night and could not feel his legs. He was taken be ambulance to the children's hospital and I'm not sure how he is?

So please pray!

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