Monday, June 8, 2009

There Is Trouble In The Garden!

Living with nature.....finding balance.

This is a picture of my "root" bed as I like to call it.
It has carrots,green onions,beets,radishes,sweet onions.
There are also a few stalks of corn(for fall decoration) and some marigolds (to ward off bugs).

I have planted carrots 3x's in this section of the bed! Every time some of the seeds start to sprout up "something" decides to dig and lay down in my carrot spot!
I have yet to see the culprit in action! It is probably our dog Benson?! Or the neighbors cat George that loves our yard! Pushing the dirt up around the edges causes the seeds to get buried to deep to sprout!

Benson was featured in my Wordless Wednesdays a while back laying in that bed before I planted!
All my rows got messed up and so I did not know what is what until things got big...
it made it hard to tell what was a weed and what was not! Some things came up in bunches all clumped together because the seeds got all piled up!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I found a package of old candy buried in my lettuce bed on the other side of the yard! It must have been Benson!?

My gardening adventure has been fun so far and I have learned a lot!

1. Remember where you plant your seeds.
2. takes time for the seeds to sprout.
3. Remember what the weeds look was hard for me to tell.(partly because I had put seeds everywhere...then if they did not sprout when "I" thought they should have I planted more of something else.) So remembering Patience it key!
4. I learned the first year is a trail and error.
5. I have learned I'm not the only one here that likes to enjoy the garden!
George(cat) and Benson(dog)and the chickens when they escape the coop ALL seem to find joy in the(MY)garden! Not to mention bugs from time to time. (I have not had to much trouble with that one!)
6. I learned when to plant certain things.

My broccoli rabbi ended up bolting on can see it in the above picture. Not knowing I planted my starts right before hot weather. (Tip: they are a cold weather plant!) hee hee. You can see its the plant with the yellow flowers! So now I will have to plant something in its place...maybe carrots? LOL

My regular broccoli is getting crowns in them! I'm so jazzed!

My chamomile does not appear to be sprouting....more patience?or just try again next year? (or maybe sprinkle a different kind of seed ie carrots?) hee hee
A few sprigs of chamomile may indeed come up...then it will be hard to tell what is a weed! eeekkkk!

Overall my garden venture has been fun and rewarding! I find great joy diggin' and planting...and watching my garden grow!

How is your garden doing? What have you learned?



  1. You have an impressive garden. You'll have lots of variety in your kitchen when everything is ready. Yes, it sounds like your garden provides joy for many. Don't be grouchy like Mr. McGregor :) Esmi, our puppy dug up an heirloom tomato plant my mother-in-law started from seed. Ooops, I think I'm going to hear it ;)

    You probably know from my post that this is my first year of a vegetable garden. It's exciting - I check everyday. Your garden is like Disneyland compared to mine. Look forward to seeing how you prepare the vegetables.

  2. Oh No!
    Esmi was probley in hot water!
    I tryed to grow heirloom tomatoes from seeds I harvested myself...but it did not work out so well. I bought all my tomato starts. I only found 1 heirloon as a start as I got it. The rest are all regular varities. I have 6 plants total.

  3. I can't believe how big your veggies are already? My broccoli is about 2 inches tall.... :)


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