Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monkey Art~ Part 1

This is the OLD CITY HALL and bell tower.....soon to be made into condos! So SAD!

My friend Sue invited me to go to a event called Monkey Art!
What is Monkey Art you might ask?!
Well not knowing to much about it Sue and I headed into the Big city to find out!
Here is what we found.....
Monkey Art is a group of people(anyone is welcome) that meet every other month to promote the arts!
Here is how they do that......
Artist are welcome to bring and display their art....even hand out business cards! (No sales)
The gatherings are held at a different spot each time. (as planned by the winner of the lottery)
The gathering we went to was held at the
OLD CITY HALL with bell tower that will soon become condos!
The building was vacant and we were able to walk all over the inside and go up into the bell tower and even ring it!!
I will show pictures of the inside in my Monkey Art PART 2!
What happens at the event you might ask?
Its open to the community! and FREE! Running for 2hrs!
Everyone brings and food or drink to share (potluck style)......there was beer and wine too, all FREE!
There is always some sort of entertainment. Last night it was a Irish Band called Jug Of Punch!
When you arrive you make a name tag for the front of you and a tag for your back with what kind of artist you are! Or if you are just a art lover! The event is for meeting people and other artist!
Here is the real fun part of the event....
$4.00 gets you a Monkey Art souvenir tile
and a chance to * hostess the next Monkey Art party! (1 in 100 chance)
When you pay you draw a paper with a number 1-5.
There are 5 artist (the hostess finds) to make 20 tiles or small pieces of art each.
(totaling 100)
Each artist is at a numbered table 1-5 with their tiles. Each tile is numbered 1-100.
I drew #5 so I went to table #5 and the artist there had blue blown glass balls. The one I chose to keep had a #20 on it so I wrote my name and phone and #20 on my drawing ticket for the chance to hostess the next party. (with the help of the committee of course!)
The hostess has to find the 5 artist to make the monkey souvenirs (donated) and the band or entertainment!
Anyone wishing to bring and display their art can and hand out business cards.....but no sales at the event!
Someone said, last event an artist made glass bananas!
It was fun to be in the city and to walk through the historic old building!
Many of the people go to all the Monkey Art events collecting their monkey souvenirs and.....building community friendships!
So cool!
Tomorrow I will have Part 2 of my Monkey Fun!

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