Thursday, June 4, 2009

Born To Be Wild~

(The above picture was taken from a parking lot in the town I live in)

These are pictures of a wildlife park just 10 minutes from my house! We just bought a membership and have already gone twice! We can also get into the zoo in the city!
(by the beach)Yippee!
We live in the foothills of Mount Rainer in Washington State! I get to see these breath taking views every day!
The wildlife park has a very large free roaming area with herbivores ie. moose,deer elk,mountain goats and bison. There are also pond geese and a pair of trumpeter swans. (they mate for life) There is a tram that takes you through the park and it takes about an hour.
There is a zoo like area with owls,birds,raccoons,otters,beavers and carnivores ie. wolves,cougar,bears.
There is also a hands on cabin with bees and tanks with snakes,frogs and salamanders!
There are books,puzzles,animal pelts,arts and crafts among other hands on things to do!
There are also trials and hiking paths!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! God did such a beautiful job making this world!
I just love nature!



  1. Amazing. How blessed you are to be so close. It's good that you take the time to stop and appreciate it. Bald eagles? Were they in a cage? Who needs to take a vacation when you live among such beauty!

  2. The Eagles were in a open "cage"....I'm not sure why they were not flying away? All of us that were looking at them were trying to figure out why they were not flying away. They might have been resued or injured??



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