Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Rambling Garden

These are the girls.......Penny,Caper and Marsala!
They each give us about 1 egg everyday!

The kiddos love collecting the eggs and feeding them in the morning and early evening!

Other goings on out in the..........
The Rambling Garden!
Several of my cauliflower plants have crowns growing on it was time to close them up with cloths pins to keep the heads from turning yellow while they finish growing.(staying white)

Another fun surprise has been the asparagus that I found in the garden from the previous home owners! (when we moved here 5 yrs ago I pulled what I thought was weeds from the garden spot....come to find out it was asparagus that had bolted) eeekkkk!

I'm glad I didn't manage to pull it ALL up! I have about 5 plants and have gotten 3 clippings so far!

This is our sweet bunny Polly! Polly put the kettle on we'll all have tea! Chamomile tea!.....yes, my chamomile has sprouted.....I just needed to be patient!

We have been waiting for these daisies to bloom for quit a while now!

Like all good things......they are worth the wait!


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